Beckett Center

Town News

Monday, April 27, some in the morning chose to play on the computer and others opted to play Wii golf and bowling. Some went to McDonald’s to buy our own beverage and socialize. Tuesday a few had computer skills. The afternoon was spent at WCCC to practice for the Spring Special Olympics in Machias. Wednesday some played Wii bowling and worked on craft activities. In the afternoon, the crew took part in some dancing. Thursday in the morning some knitted pot holders and some helped others do the same. Also a few 

painted fingernails and some played rousing games of rummy, while others played basketball outside. Friday some went banking and shopping. The meal consisted of chef salad, cookies, and crystal light to drink. Monday, May 4, a few played cards and Yahtzee. Others did computer skills and chatted with friends. The afternoon was spent practicing for spring games. Tuesday some went swimming at the Garcelon Civic Center, some played cards, and others did activities outside. Wednesday some did computer time and others hung outside and played basketball. Thursday a few played games and had a blast doing computer time. Some went out for a coffee break. Friday morning we loaded into vans and headed to Machias for the Special Olympics at UMM for the spring trials. We participated in various activities, such as softball throws, running, racing, long jump and walking. Everyone had a great time and placed very well in our divisions. Lunch was provided for us.