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Dave McCullough

One of my favorite events in Grand Lake Stream is attending and supporting the Annual Fishermen’s Breakfast.   (May 16, 2015). The breakfast starts early at 7:00 am so I can eat then have time to do some of the other things I enjoy in Grand Lake. If you like to sleep in, the breakfast is open until 10. This year it is held at the School House. The food is always great and the opportunity to visit with friends is an added feature of the breakfast.  Come with your waders on!  

The stories from the Pine Tree Store indicate that fishing in the stream is doing well. Seasonally the stream is between the streamer flies and the “no-see-ums”.  Black flies are just around the corner and early reports are coming in. The Store is now an official tagging station for turkeys, bear and deer. Don’t hesitate to sit on the liar’s bench and “spin”. 

Summer has to be here when the GLS ATV Club begins a season of wonderful activities. Here is the latest scoop! Our first meeting of the 2015 season will be Thursday, May 28th. An agenda will be sent out in another week but mark your calendar-7PM-8 PM at the school. 

Three work parties have been scheduled to begin grant work and volunteer help is needed. The first will be on Saturday, May 16 from 10 AM-3 PM and lunch will be provided. We are building three picnic tables and placing them in their trail locations. A router and a chain saw will be needed. Folks will gather at Chet’s Camps to make the tables and then they will be placed in the woods locations.

The second work party will take place on Saturday, May 23 from 10 AM-2 PM and lunch will be provided. We will begin construction of the base of the equipment shed which will be finished by Curtis Allen. Meet at the GLS Snowmobile Club. An extra skill saw, long level (6--8 foot), and hammers are needed.

The third volunteer opportunity is our community and forest clean up. We will be showing our appreciation to our landowners by helping with the cleanup on Saturday May 30 from 8:45 AM-12. We are hoping some of you will be able to ride our trails to check them and to pick up any trash. A soup lunch will be provided following the clean-up at the school. Meet at the school at 8:45 AM. Bring gloves and we will provide trash bags. If you are able to help with any of these events, Please email or call Sue Laplante, 207- 796-5557

The Hermit’s Weekly Views: In 1964 then President Lyndon Johnson launched his “Great Society” dedicated to the eradication of poverty in America.  Billions were spent on public housing, various welfare programs and job creations.  The agenda failed. Today politicians are again urging us to wage a “new war on poverty” by increasing all manner of government support programs and agencies.  

Poverty:  What does it mean to be poor in America?  How many people who are labeled poor have the following: a new car, housing, flat screen TV, cell phone, computer, modern appliances, income tax break, food aid, health care, job training, educational funding, legal aid, money for consumer goods and services?  Throwing tax payer dollars to social problems has not worked.  Besides, the money is always allocated for urban, never rural areas.  Our great nation still offers wonderful opportunities for those who will work hard.

A long time ago on a snowy winter night I was sound asleep on the couch when my wife woke me.  “Almost seven”.  (I was teaching both day and night school).  “Honey, please call and tell them I’m sick and can’t make it”.  “Listen, you wanted those four kids, you go take care of them!”  She waited up for me.   


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