Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Happy Birthday wishes to Ed Arbo on May 13; Debbie Demmons - 15; Brenda Ward Shope - 17, and Helon Termel - 18. 

“Flying Ed Arbo” celebrates his 94th birthday this year.  He is apparently still going strong.  Just last week, we saw him driving his car through the drive-in window line at a Calais fast food eatery.  He certainly is a local celebrity.  About 12 years ago, when we were still living in Pennsylvania and I did some projects with Charles Kurault’s producer (“An American Moment,” “On the Road”), she was scheduled to make a trip here to meet Ed.  The intention was to feature him on “An American Moment” segment on nationally televised, network t.v.  Sadly, Charles Kurault suddenly died before the segment was produced; and his program ended at that time.  It should be very gratifying for Ed and his family to know that even Charles Kurault considered him worthy of national acclaim.  God bless you Ed and Maxine and your loving family that takes such great care of you.  You are wished many more happy years.

Jean Campbell enjoyed visits with her family members throughout Mother’s Day Weekend.  She received beautiful cards, plants and a cake for the occasion.  On Sunday afternoon, when Scuffy and I stopped by to see Jean during our walk, visiting with her were Rob and Sherry Reynolds with their daughters Ashley and Emily.  Both are now home for summer break from Husson College.   

Many fiddle head ferns are showing their little curled faces by some paths along wetland areas.  They come and go so quickly.  Tulips are now blooming in our garden.  Terry Reynolds has also been preparing raised beds for his summer vegetable gardens.  Many plants are greening at the Riar camp, and warm temperatures have trees pushing little spring green and red buds.  Birds continue to flock throughout the neighborhood, woods and lakeshores.  

The Nadeaus are back from their winter travels and have opened up their home for the season. Lloyd Perkins came by this week to check on his camp; and Corey McCray was also back working around his place.  Many fishing and pontoon boats are out of storage and being readied for summer fun on the lake.  Terry Reynolds has already been out on the lake in his fishing boat; and now his pontoon boat is being prepped for launch.   We had temperatures near 80 this weekend, although it is cooler again this week.  Oh, well, it will be better to have more comfortable temperatures while doing spring housecleaning and yard clean-up.  

Lake levels are high from winter snow melt and runoff.  Probably will go down again for awhile when the dam is opened for fish migration into the lake. I hear the Meddybemps bridge construction is on hold due to some eminent domain issues.  


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