Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson

The weather continues to be seasonably warm with little to no moisture.  The Forest Rangers are flying their red flags warning for dangerously high forest fire conditions all over the state.  In spite of their warnings, though, we are still hearing of forest fires around the state.

Susan McCray has returned to Woodland after taking a well-deserved vacation to visit her relative.  She visited her sister in Massachusetts and her son Merritt and his partner Susan came to visit from New Hampshire.  Then she and the other Susan drove to Georgia where they visited with granddaughter Ashley. Susan was out of town from April 17th through May 6th and she admits that traveling is more tiring than it used to be.  She did have a wonderful trip though.

Pat Rocheleau knew my brother-in-law and sister in Massachusetts and stopped by the Ridge Road while she was giving her son Jim a ride on Sunday.  Jim and his son Chris live over on Route 214 in Uncle Frank and Aunt Vera’s former house and Pat came to visit and cook a few good meals for the “boys.” Ruth and Dick brought Jim to the farm when he was eleven and he loved the area so much he moved here as soon as he could.  He has had some medical setbacks of later, but he still loves the area and does not want to go back to Massachusetts.

The leaves on the trees must be about as large as a mouse’s ear because Kenny (Seeley) and Wilma tracked me down here on the Ridge Saturday and delivered five good-sized brookies.  Kenny told me that Wilma knows all of the tricks and she is the one that catches them.  I do not know where they fish, but I will tell you those trout were good. Kenny brings me trout every spring and I hope he does not change this habit. His aunt by marriage, Alice McNutt Lingley, grew up on the McNutt farm next door and would have been a niece to my grandmother Lizzie McNutt Johnson.  It is a small world.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Norma Dwelley Brooks of Robbinston who passed away last Saturday. After earning her CNA certificate, Norma worked many years at Barnard’s Nursing Home and at Calais Regional Hospital. She will be missed.

I saw a low-flying immature eagle flying above the head of Boyden Lake on Saturday. I had never seen one flying that low before.  It may have been fishing.

When I was ready to go home, I could not get through the Ridge Road because of the fire at Tim Fullerton’s house just past Penknife Brook. Charlotte Fire and Rescue, Perry Volunteer Fire Department and Calais Fire Department came for mutual support of Robbinston’s Volunteer Fire Department.  The men from all the different crews showed excellent training and were able to work like a well-oiled machine. The tanks filled up at the Boyden Lake boat landing.

I ran into Ken Carter, who was directing traffic near the fire.  He told me that he has been receiving lots of really nice items for the yard sale and that I need to remind everyone that the sale is for the Charlotte Fire and Rescue Department.  The fire fighters and the auxiliary put a lot of effort into earning funds for the crew and necessary equipment.  This saves the taxpayers quite a bit of money. Ken is accepting everything except televisions and computers and can be reached at 454-7823 to arrange for pick up or drop off details.

The Children’s Story Time on May 13th at the Dennysville Lincoln Memorial Library will be about Zombies.

The Dennysville Library is asking for plant donations to raise money to continue work on the children/literacy/genealogy room.  Call Ann Carter at (214-4540) for more information. The plant sale and the book sale will both begin in June.

The Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival and its organizers received a great award last week when the event was given Yankee Magazine’s Best Family Art and Music Award. This event will hold its 21st annual gathering this year on the last weekend in July (July 25th and 26th).  The juried art show and sale and the many musical groups bring over 6000 fans to this small piece of Washington County each year.  This is a tremendous boon for the economy.  Congratulations, Folks.


Big hellos are going out to Freddie Sprague this week.  Freddie had back surgery on Friday and the nurses had him up on Saturday. Leo Perkins spent a few days in the hospital last week, but he is feeling better now.