Benefit Raises $3,250 for “DJ” Curran


DJ and his family are thankful for the support shown at the benefit supper. From left to right: Dave Curran, Nancy Curran, Bill Gibson, DJ Curran, and Arlene Gibson. (Photo by Lura Jackson).

By Lura Jackson

The community of Calais has once again proven its spirit by contributing over $3,250 to assist David “DJ” Curran and his family at a spaghetti supper and auction held on May 7th. The supper was held at the Second Baptist Church, and it was organized by Bill and Arlene Gibson of Calais. Many individuals and organizations from the area made donations to either the food preparation or the auction, helping to ensure that the fundraising was a resounding success. 

Though DJ has just turned 18, he is in need of a heart transplant. His family has been traveling to Boston for appointments with various doctors, and the travel expenses have been accumulating. The donated funds will help to offset some of the costs of the constant traveling.

DJ was able to attend the dinner, along with his parents, Dave and Nancy. The family was impressed and grateful for the turnout, with over 350 guests stopping by to partake in a plate of “Grampie” Bill’s spaghetti. DJ himself thought that not many in the area knew him and was thus skeptical that very many people would come. “It’s wonderful, seeing this many people here,” Nancy said. 

“It was amazing,” Bill said. “The auctioned goods went for a very fair price. People in this community always step up in a time of need.” 


To make a contribution to DJ and his family online, visit