Calais Police Seize 32 Grams of Heroin


Two digital scales, 9.7 grams of marijuana, 32 grams of heroin, $3,925 cash, and several empty bags with residue believed to have once contained heroin were seized by Calais Police Department last Monday. (Photo provided by Calais Police Department)

By Jayna Smith

Investigations related to the narcotics trafficking in the Calais area have been ongoing for members of local law enforcement.  On Monday, May 11th, 2015, Calais Police Department was able to obtain information about the presence of a suspected narcotics trafficker staying at a local motel.  Upon further investigation, Calais Police Department was successful at identifying the suspect and his rented vehicle.

With the assistance of US Border Patrol and their drug detection canine, the members of the local police department were able to develop further information, allowing them to gain access to the suspect's rented vehicle while it was parked at a South Street business.  The Calais Advertiser was told by law enforcement that several items were seized from the vehicle, including a large sum of money and other items that indicated the subject was in fact in the area distributing narcotics.  Calais Police Department arrested Dana Burton, age 51, of Dorchester, Massachusetts as a result.  Burton was arrested and charged with Possession of Schedule W Drugs (heroin), a class C felony which has a minimum of a $400 fine and a maximum of $5,000 in fines and five years in prison.  

With Burton's arrest came additional information which led police to a residence on Stillson Street, The Calais Advertiser was told.  The suspect at the location, Brad McLean, age 30, of Calais, was on probation which gave police the right search him and his residence.  Utilizing Border Patrol's drug detection canine again, a search of the residence was conducted and 32 grams of heroin was seized.  Calais Police reported that also seized from the residence were several items which indicated the residence had been used in the trafficking of narcotics.  McLean was arrested for Trafficking in Schedule W Drugs, a Class B felony, punishable by $20,000 in fines and ten years in prison.


The investigation is currently continuing and further charges may be brought in the future.