Indian Township

Donna Meader-York

Monday May 11, a school bus with a select group of students left Indian Township School for Bar Harbor, and the Abbe Museum. First stop was the Bar Harbor Inn, where Maine Indian Education was holding its joint school board gathering. Brenda Lozada and Regina Nicholas, ITS Passamaquoddy teachers, were asked to bring a group of girls to dance for the crowd. They selected a group of 10 dancers and they performed several traditional dances, including the Fancy Shawl dance, as Aaliyah Dana is pictured performing. Beatrice Rafferty School, and Indian Island School also brought students to perform as drum groups and dancers. Despite it being a cold, drab, drizzly day, our students made it brighter with their performance and by keeping our traditions alive. At the conclusion of the dancing and drumming, the crowd moved up the road to the Abbe Museum, where a student art show was held. The artists were comprised of students from all three Maine Indian Ed schools in grades K through 12. A small honoring ceremony was held where each student was given a gift of art supplies, and a framed certificate of their accomplishment, and congratulations from their art teacher, principal, and an Abbe Museum spokes person.  After School Program Art activity leader, Reanna Sockabasin stood proudly to congratulate her students, along beside Mary Anne Spearin, our principal. Artists were as follows:

Emma Levesque, grade 2

Dalton Neptune, grade 2

Simiah Lozada, grade 2

Brooklyn McCarthy, grade 3

Kanala Mitchell, grade 3

Cadence Nicholas, grade 4

Sierra Lank, grade 4

Sylvia Brown, grade 5

Twyla Smiley, grade 7

Taylor Sockabasin, grade 7

Congratulations to all for a job well done!

Indian Township is proud to announce some college graduates! Miss Lydia Soctomah, daughter of Elizabeth Neptune and Donald Soctomah, graduated last week from UMO with a Bachelors degree. Lydian plans on continuing on to graduate school in pursuit of her Masters Degree. Lydia is a former student of ITS, and we couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments.

Also graduating college is Christopher Newell, son of Wayne and Sandra Newell. Christopher graduated from the University of Connecticut on May 9, 2015, earning a Bachelors Degree. He is currently working at the Pequot Museum in Ledyard, Connecticut, doing research and conducting educational tours for visitors to the museum including groups of school children. Chris and his wife Kristen live in Ledyard, Connecticut with their three children. 

Congratulations, Chris, from us at Indian Township School!

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and ITS staff felt very much appreciated with a little gift on their desks every morning!  Many have expressed their pleasure for the appreciation shown by our principal. Also, our cook Ms. Tonya and her staff prepared ice cream sundaes for all in appreciation of teachers, and for Mother’s Day. Thank you Ms. Tonya, we appreciate you!


That’s all the news for this week. Until next week, take care of yourself, and never stop learning.