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Dave McCullough

Thursday, June 18, 2015 is a Grand Lake Stream Town Meeting at 7:00 pm. The school budget is on the agenda. Be sure and attend and vote on the 3 articles. This is local government at its best!

The trip into GLS on the 5200 Road and Little River Road showed the road very well cared for by the Land Trust but the Wagner portion still needed maintenance. A couple days later we checked and the Wagner portion was in the process of being improved. We had a few minutes to talk to the operator who was helpful discussing what was being done to improve the Wagner section. By the time you read this you can take the 5200 Road and Little River road knowing that improvements have been made. The Land Trust is busy getting their many miles of road ready for the public to enjoy. The high light for many summer guests is to travel the “back” roads of the area.

I was pleased to be driving on West Street and to see that the new cell tower has been constructed. We stopped and watched for a spell and someone was busy doing the detail work on the tower. The tower is permitted to be 190’ in the air and working that high is a great task for the younger generation!

Observations from the Deck, “Hole in the Wall”

We must say a very pleasant surprise happened this week. Goldeneye ducklings are known to leave the nest a day after hatching. Saturday afternoon, June 13 we were treated to the sight of mother goldeneye and 9, yes 9, ducklings following her from our Southern nesting box. 

We believe the proud mother was silently saying “Look what I did. See you next spring,” as she swam to the North in front of us. 

We still aren’t sure if the Northern nesting box was taken. We saw a goldeneye fly into and out of the box several times. Thanks Patty and Barry!

Nolan and Amber have developed a new breakfast sandwich this year. Feel free to order up a “Nolan’s” breakfast sandwich and see what you think.

In talking over some the activities for the “Celebrate Grand Lake Stream America July 4th event with Brinda from the Pine Tree Store. It was nice to note that they are giving all their ice cream to the GLS Fire Department to sell as a fund raiser. Not sure exactly where they will have their booth but be sure and have some ice cream and support the newly reorganized fire department.

GLS ATV Club Meeting: Thursday June 25 7-8 PM, School Building. Please bring all work sheets to our meeting as we are submitting volunteer RTP grant time and state grant volunteer time

1. Reports: Treasurer-Carole Minner: Secretary-Patty Weeks: Trail Master-Al LaPlante: Vice-President-Bruce Minner

President-Sue LaPlante, Landowner Appreciation Clean Up Report, Trail Smoker

2. Adopt a Trail-Walter’s Loop and 509 near Fourth Lake

3. Proposed GLS Stream Fishing Picture fund raiser-Ray Archer

4. Dutch Oven Event-Hole in the Wall-Barry and Patty Weeks-July 9

5. Upcoming Events that need leaders:

Looking for club members to lead or host these events: 

June: Overnight/multi day ride: Ride to the Schoolhouse Restaurant

July:  Jacks and Red Rock Ride: Waite General Store Ride

August: Fox Hill Dinner Ride: Solar System Ride to Deep Cove

September:  Moonlight Ride ending at Hole in the Wall-Barry and Patty Weeks

October:  Fall Foliage Ride

6. Fourth of July-do club members want to ride in parade?

Important Notes: The Grand Lake Snowmobile Club has offered the GLS ATV Club use of its facility for a free, one year trial. The idea is that the club may want to consider shared use of the facility in the future. Thank you to the Snowmobile Club.

July Meeting-July 23   Election of Officers for 2015-2016.

Highlights from the Downeast Lakes Land Trust: The water monitoring program held last weekend was well attended and everyone learned about water quality and the effect on aquatic life.

The Serious Skills Program for older youth will be starting on July 2nd and continue throughout the summer. The programs will be held each Thursday morning from 9:30 to noon. 

The Exploration Program for younger children will start on July 7th. These programs will be held each Tuesday morning from 9:30 to noon on Tuesdays.

Be sure and mark your calendar for the July 4th 5K road race and also the 2nd Annual Baxter 5 miles Outdoor Trail Run to be held August 15th. The 11th annual West Grand canoe race will be held on August 16. All the details for these events will be published in the column over the next few weeks.

The summer intern for the Land Trust this year is Kellie Clapper. She is from upstate New York and a student at Alfred University. When you see Kellie in town, give her a warm GLS welcome! 

TICK – TALK   Observations from the Hermit

“Recently I attended an excellent lecture on deer and dog ticks sponsored by the Land Trust.  The presenter was a 30 year veteran ‘insect identifier’ from U.M.O.  Here is a layman’s summary:  ticks are found on mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians’.

‘The two that concern us most are the deer and dog ticks responsible for the spread of the infamous Lyme disease named after Lyme, Conn.  This disease can cause serious chronic health problems specific to Northeastern U.S.  In Maine it is currently concentrated in southern and central Maine but is now appearing in southern Washington County’.

‘On humans a tick bite may be followed by a rash and flu-like symptoms.  Ticks lodge along the hair-line, behind the ears and armpits.  If bitten one is urged to call a physician.  Repellents for dog and cat should be checked with the vet.  For humans cover-up bare spots.  No specific products were listed.  Deet and pyrethrins were mentioned.  Removal and treatment:  remove tick with tweezers or forceps using gentle pressure. Don’t yank.  Wash bites with hydrogen peroxide and soap and water and apply topical antibiotic’.

‘Tick habitat:  Tall grass and bushes or brush (bare ground discourages them).  Early spring is the worst.  The female is the culprit.  Got a tick to ID?  Place it in a plastic pill bottle and zip close the bag.  Mail to:  UMO Ext., Tick I.D. Lab, 49l College Ave. Orono, ME.  04473. 


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