School Committee Hires Four and Approves Budget

By Kaileigh Deacon

The Calais School Committee met on Tuesday at 6pm in the Calais Middle/High School Library. The meeting was called to order and the Committee agreed unanimously to table item A the hiring of the Girls’ Basketball Coach pending an executive session. 

Under Public Participation many people expressed their concern about the Girls’ Basketball coach item being tabled. Superintendent Moholland explained that the Executive Session would be the third one held that evening. 

Next was the Superintendent’s Update. Superintendent Moholland asked that the committee and those in the audience adjourn to Miss Griffin’s classroom where her freshman World History class created a museum. 

When they re-assembled Superintendent Moholland read aloud the Code of Ethics as is required yearly. After Superintendent Moholland finished they moved onto Administrator Reports. 

Sue Carter started. Mrs. McLeod and Mrs. Underwood’s classes presented their bird projects on Thursday June 28. Carter spent an hour on Thursday at Tim Horton’s serving coffee and donuts. The annual Hokey Pokey Fair is coming up and Carter said that bringing three canned goods would allow students to play as many games as they want. Also for the Hokey Pokey Fair the St. Croix Regional Technical Center made a picnic table that will be raffled off at the fair. 

Matt Clark Reported that at Calais Middle/High School the Seniors held their Prom on Saturday May 30 which was followed by an after Prom party in the gym. Seniors held their class night last Friday and graduation was on Sunday. The Eighth Graders held their Celebration of Growth on Monday. 

St. Croix Regional Technical Center was pleased to announce that Brooke Smith was named as the Student of the Year. Bob Moholland also reported that the Culinary Arts Program catered a meal for over 300 students and staff at WCCC which was received well. 

The Committee then moved onto new business. The first item was the girls’ basket ball coach position which was tabled until after executive session. Next on the agenda was the Superintendent’s recommendation to hire Chris Plaisted as the New Music teacher at Calais Middle/High School. Plaisted is a recent graduate of the University of Maine and will be working 3/4 time rather than full time. 

Next the committee approved the hiring of Brandi Lyons and Randy Welch both as Special Education Teachers at Calais Day Treatment. 

The committee then moved into Old Business starting with the Budget. The School Liaison Committee met on Wednesday May 27 and talked about what the school was looking at for a budget. They left the meeting needing to make a few cuts to get to where the Liaison committee felt the budget should be. Superintendent Moholland presented a revised budget to the School Committee coming in at $46,709 over the local minimum which they would be asking the city for. 

James McDonald suggested that they add $8,000 to the Superintendent line of the budget increasing the requested amount from the city to $54,709 above local minimum. 

With this adjustment the committee approved the budget to send to the city with a vote of four to one with Bob Greenlaw opposed to the changes. 

Dale Earle then presented the committee with an update on the Superintendent Search. He stated that he had a candidate that he would be talking to the following day and asked if the committee would be agreeable to a part-time Superintendent. The committee agreed that they might be depending upon the candidate. There was no action taken as a result. 

The committee then moved to the first of three executive sessions. As a result of the first executive session the committee announced they would be changing Sue Carter’s title from Social Worker to Program Director at the Calais Day Treatment and would still be Principal at Calais Elementary School. 

The result of the second executive session was an agreement by the committee to extend the contract with the Calais Education Association through the 2017-2018 School year. 

The third executive session ended and the committee moved back to the first item on the agenda under New Business, the Superintendent’s recommendation to hire a Girls’ Basket ball Coach. Superintendent Moholland recommended to the committee the hiring of Bob McShane as the Girls Varsity Basketball Coach for the 2015-2016 Season. The committee hired McShane with a vote of three in favor, one abstained, and one opposed. 

McShane: I know Coach Clark put his name in and I just want to take the time to thank him. When I first started he took me under his wing and I would not be the coach I am without his help.


The School Committee will hold a Special Meeting on Wednesday June 10 at 6pm in the Calais Middle/High School Library to approve the budget the City sent back at Thursday’s City Budget Workshop and hold an executive session. The Committee will hold their next regularly scheduled meeting on June 16 at 6pm in the Calais Middle/High School Library.