CHS Student Council

Student Council would like to thank all of the candidates who ran for leadership positions in Friday’s elections.  Results:

Class of 2016:

President: Madyson Waycott

Vice President: Caitlin Reynolds

Treasurer: Nicole Clark

Secretary: Michelle Hopkins

Stu-Co Rep: Thomas Champagne

Stu-Co Rep: Earon Grinage

Stu-Co Rep: Anna Jean McClure

Class of 2017:

President: Jack Lander

Vice President: Kaitlan Cavanaugh

Treasurer: Kassidee Ramsey

Secretary: Sydney Lins

Stu-Co Rep: Kobey Gillespie

Stu-Co Rep: Samantha Look

Stu-Co Rep: Alyssa Rocha

Class of 2018:

President: Kendra Parks

Vice President: Kylie Donovan

Treasurer: Andrew McClellan

Secretary: Britney Prenier

Stu-Co Rep: Jacob Hornbrook

Stu-Co Rep: Nathan Smith


Stu-Co Rep: Faith Tirrell