Town News

Arline Flood


I walked into our living room to talk to Ralph and saw a large black bear walking up our driveway looking around and in no hurry. He walked around the garage and came out and headed towards the house. Ralph rapped on the window and he walked off up to towards the woods and eventually out of sight. That’s a first in all these years.

First of all I would like to thank my many friends who have wished me well since my knee started acting up. I had surgery last Wednesday and have great hopes on being as well as new soon. What great service that is received at the Calais Regional Hospital. They helped me every inch of the way and I can’t thank them enough for making everything as easy as possible for an old lady. So, thanks to wonderful doctors, nurses, and everyone making it easy for me. I feel like I had an angel looking out for me.

Get well wishes to Gladys McCray who was recently admitted into Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.

Dan Ackley is much improved since back surgery earlier. He said he needed to get well for his grandchildren.

Congratulations to our great niece, Josie Wallace on her many honors during graduation from WHS. Also to Kayla Pyles and Nicole Hanson.

We are so proud of our step-great-granddaughter, Carson Hold, for her many honors and winning three scholarships.

All of these scholarship winners deserve our congratulations.

Ralph and I, Will Day and Louise Lee went as a family over to the Cooper Town building on Saturday during the giant yard sale, plant sale and lunch. Two sisters from Calais, the former Winnie and Virginia Keene  never miss anything at the Grange Hall. It looked like a successful day for them. This is one of many fund raisers they are planning from the Cooper Community Center Friends and we wish them luck.

There is a new baby in our family, a little girl born to Michael and Marissa Stow on June 10th.

A new group wanted to move the old tables belonging to the Grange out into an unpaved yard which has been wet most of the summer, and it was voted not to allow it. Not that they even asked permission from anyone. In a recent article in the Quoddy Tides, Karen Holmes put in the remark that negativity is a drain on volunteerism. I couldn’t believe it after all our little Grange has done for and in the town.  This is a newly formed group since the former Community Center broke up with several members. 

What Flag Day activities? We went over and didn’t see anything to do with Flag Day besides the big flag that the Grange donated to the town. We get along very well with the town. Thank you, Karen! When you print something in the paper, it can come back to bite you as I’ve found out over the years.


Karen wrote that the selectboard recognized the Cooper Community Center Friends as an example of positive progress. They’ve only been around for a few weeks. The Grange has been meeting in that Hall for 104 years with many yard sales, cemetery clean-ups, roadside clean ups, benefits for the needy, donations to the fire department, donations to the deaf and so many others. We have a record through the books over the years and it’s a good one. This is the first time that I’ve heard of a Grange criticized especially in a local paper. It is written into the deed that the Grange continues as usual and the town has honored this.