Robbinston Grade School Holds Art Exhibit

By Dorothy Johnson


Several students attended the Robbinston Grade School Art Exhibit last Wednesday. Above Maggie, Bre, Madison, Kaitlyn and Peter take a social break. (Photo by Dorothy Johnson).

Several years ago Mrs. Wilkinson volunteered to teach art at the Robbinston Grade School.  The students loved the art projects and she teased some very good work from the students.  Since then, teachers have engaged the students in art projects, but their main interests were not in the art arena.  This year Kim DeVaney, an artist herself, was hired to finish the year for a teacher who resigned for medical reasons.  The students were overjoyed when Mrs. DeVaney volunteered to also give them art lessons once a week.  For many of the younger children, this was their first time to work with a “real” artist.

Last Wednesday evening, Mrs. DeVaney and her art students put on their art exhibition in the school gym.  Mrs. DeVaney with the help of her husband set up display boards and easels to exhibit the students’ work and her own. Students came with their parents and grandparents and proudly pointed out their work to them.


A co-worker said of Mrs. DeVaney, “Mrs. DeVaney does a wonderful job.  The students enjoy working with her very much.  She has offered to come in next year and do art one day per week.  The students are looking forward to it.”