School Committee Hires Interim Superintendent

By Kaileigh Deacon

The Calais School Committee held a special meeting on Wednesday. The meeting was held in the Calais Middle/High School library at 6pm. 

The meeting was called to order and the committee started the meeting.  The first item on the agenda was the approval of the revised budget. The first budget was approved by the school board at the last meeting on June 2 and sent to the city on June 4. The council sent the budget back asking the school board to come back with nothing above local minimum.

When the city received the results of the budget and the school came back with a surplus of $322,000. The city will apply all $322,000 to the debt the school owes the city even though $172,000 will go back to the school.  A percentage will go to the trustees account with the rest going to the school to offset the additional money the school asked from the city. 

With the new budget the school was looking at asked nothing above the local share required by the state. The school budget could change in regard to what the state is required to provide and what the local minimum is depending on what happens with the state budget. The city stated at the last budget workshop that if there is adttditional money with any changes in the state budget the city will apply it to the debt owed which after the surplus from last year is roughly $104,000. 

Moholland: We asked for $247,000 last year that money had to come from somewhere. It came from the other departments CIP accounts. Now they helped us out so its our obligation to try and help them out. 

The only other item on the agenda was an executive session. So the committee broke for executive session. When the committee came out of executive session they announced that they had hired Raymond L. Freve as the new interim superintendent. Freve will start in  his position on July 1. He will be a part time superintendent so Freve will work 3 days a week on a rotating basis. Freve has acted as interim superintendent for Calais before from July through September of 2013 and has worked in 27 places as interim superintendent. 


The committee adjourned the special meeting. The next regularly scheduled school committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 16 at 6pm in the Calais Middle/High School library.