Town News

Linda Baniszeski

It doesn’t feel like the second day of summer on Monday as I write this.  But the sun did manage to come out with a slight breeze this afternoon to dry my laundry out on the line.  

Happy birthday wishes this week to Pete McCoubrey on June 25, Jeff Orchard - 28; and Barry Pearson, July 2.  

A little seasonal resident has returned to her usual post, leaning on a tree along Lite Lane.  The little toddler doll is back!  She is wearing a red top and little jeans, and her head is covered with a little yellow hard hat, from which a platinum blonde pony tail streams down her back.  She brings many smiles to those who see her as they drive by.  She is once again “hugging a tree” close to where Terry Reynolds was clearing some dead ones from winter and spring storms.  I guess the hard hat is to protect her from the activities around her in the woods.  Thanks to her ‘caretaker’ for bringing her back.  Some wonder if she spent the winter in Florida?  Guess we’ll never know.  

I failed to mention a few weeks ago that Patty Reynolds enjoyed attending the Lady Antebellum concert a few weeks ago in Bangor with her daughter Jill Osmond and Mindy Brown.  Also at the concert were Ike and Dawn Winchester with her mother.  They all had a great time!  

Cary James announced his participation in a benefit for the “Water For Me Foundation,” July 10, 2015.  He said, “Water for ME is partnering with Aguayuda to test water filtration systems they have installed for indigenous communities in Riohacha, Colombia.  Previous filter studies by Water for ME has raised concerns about the sustainability of nano-fiber technology that Aguayuda uses to filter drinking water for contaminants like E. coli.  Non-profit, Aguayuda, wants to know if their filters are working, so Maine students and scientists from Water for ME will take their Traveling Water Lab to Colombia this July.  Testing is the only way to ensure that the efforts by groups like Aguayuda are delivering what one third of the world needs- clean water.”


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