Indian Township

Town News

Donna Meader-York


Students receive a well deserved spray for cooling off at ITS Field Day 2015. (Photo byApril Knowles).

Children are daydreaming of long, hot, lazy days of summer; teachers are packing up their rooms while dreaming of the same thing. Although there is much to do to close up the classrooms, no one is moving in haste. That’s right! It’s the last week of school! Two student days this week, followed by two staff days, then woo hoo! We are on vacation!  

Last week, Field Day was the topic of conversation. Both students and staff will agree, it was a spectacular day! The weather cooperated as kids traveled in groups from station to station for planned activities at each. There were watermelon eating contests, relay races, and tossing games. Each group had a color for their team as they competed in each activity. The end of the event came as quite a surprise when the Indian Township Fire Department cooled the crowd off with a welcome spray from the fire truck. We sure had fun and hope this remains a tradition at ITS.

Last Wednesday, ITS Pre-K class had their annual picnic at Peter Dana Point Pit with the Bilingual Team. Children went swimming, played in the sand, and ate watermelon. That is another annual tradition we hope continues, as the kids have a blast!


Ckuwapon Summer Camp begins on Monday July 6, at 7:45 AM. Applications were sent home with the students, but there are more available at the front desk at school. The camp will run for 3 weeks. Children will not be allowed to attend camp without a signed application on file. More information about camp will follow at a later date. That’s all the news for this week. Until my next column, take care of yourself, never stop learning, and be safe!