Calais Police Investigation Quickly Ends Crime Spree

By Jayna Smith


Talon Feucht (Washington County Jail Photo).  

Campers at a local campground were surprised Monday morning, July 13th, when officers from the Calais Police Department, Washington County Sheriff's Office, and US Border Patrol approached a tent site with guns drawn.  After having received numerous reports last week of burglaries from motor vehicles and thefts of items from residences throughout Calais, enough evidence was acquired to lead police to a local campground with a search warrant in hand.  

Law enforcement personnel quickly approached the campsite of the four suspects with suspicion that stolen guns could be in the campers' possession.  A search of the two tents revealed “a large amount of stolen items,” according to Sergeant Matt Vinson.  The stolen items, he said, included two handguns; electronic equipment; hunting, fishing, and camping equipment; and numerous other items, from kitchen utensils to baseball caps.  Also discovered was an unspecified amount of cash.

Arrested was Talon D. Feucht, age 20, of New Martinsville, WV. Police charged him with two counts of theft of a firearm, two counts of burglary from a motor vehicle, and one count of theft.  His father and mother, Terry D.and Cassie Feucht, ages 41 and 43 respectively, both of Paden City, WV, were each charged with one count of theft.  His girlfriend, a juvenile, was also charged with one count of theft.  

Sergeant Vinson said, "This investigation allowed Calais Police Department to close seven open theft cases and four open burglary of motor vehicle cases."  More case closures are expected as the investigation continues, and Sergeant Vinson encourages anyone who may have been a victim of a theft in the past week, and has yet to report it to the police, to do so, regardless of how large or small their missing item(s) may be.  

“Cases like this are an important reminder to keep your doors to your homes and vehicles locked.  We may have a small population in Calais, but that does not stop people like those we arrested from passing through your neighborhood,” Sergeant Vinson stated. 


The investigation is continuing and additional charges are expected.