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Dave McCullough


"The 3 Nolanteers" are exiting Caribou Rock on West Grand Lake in their own special styles. Nolan Irish, Nolan Mabee and Nolan McCullough. A great way to spend a hot summer day in Grand Lake!

Another warm and pleasant week in Grand Lake Stream.  Returning from Bangor this past week we traveled the 5200 Road and the Little River Road to find the road easy to travel and in good repair. 

The Tuesday evening community pot luck, planned for Farm Cove Beach was not a safe lake trip because of the strong wind. Howard and Bonny invited folks to use their deck and kitchen.  As always pot lucks provide a wide variety of food and great company. Thanks Irving’s for your hospitality!

The annual GLS ATV “Dutch Oven Cook Off” was held at “The Hole in the Wall” on large Mayberry Cove with 25 people in attendance this past Thursday. What great dishes were prepared and served. Dishes ranged using bear meat, moose meat, chicken, beef, vegetables and salads. It is worth joining the ATV Club just to be part of this great event. Barry and Patty Weeks do an outstanding job of being hosts and helping the group keeps the proper temperature using charcoal for their individual dishes. This was the first time I had prepared and cooked in a Dutch oven and the chunky chicken stew was surprisingly good (a way to test the end product is to see how many kids like it)! This also was the first time for several in attendance and they wanted notification of the next one!

Have you taken the time to see the completed GLS ATV Club project on the Karen Sprague Bridge? The bridge has all new decking! It is well worth the trip to just see the fine work of all the volunteers who worked on this project. We took a very pleasant trip over the bridge and out along the Monroe Lakes. Lots of tree harvesting happening. A beautiful evening for an ATV jaunt!

A note from Mike Remillard:  “As I pulled into the town dump, a white crow flew off, followed by a black crow. I heard them calling from nearby trees, so I circled around and saw three crows fly out of a dying pine tree. I didn’t see the white one. I thought I saw a mostly black one with some white on the left side of its body or tail.

I emailed Lisa. She did see the white crow twice about a week and a half ago. It was with a black crow. It was mostly white with brown or black on the tips of its wings and tips of its tail. I now wonder if there are two or more white crows again this year. We’ll soon find out”.

Observations from the deck at Hole in the Wall:

“Summer continues its ritual of nature’s checklist at Hole in the Wall.  On Sunday, June 24th our phoebe that nested on the blade of our hoe under the back eves (despite a new platform installed last fall by Barry) vacated with her brood.  We found out later that the “Farm Cove Hermit’s phoebes left the same day’.

 ‘Then on July 2, we heard a soft “clucking” up the shoreline.  A sound we had heard only once before, just last year.  Suspecting, we hurried to the end of the dock.  It was a Goldeneye duck, 8 to 10 feet out from shore in front of our Northern duck nesting box.  We watched as she called six tiny “fuzz balls” to her in the water.  They awkwardly stumbled over the rocks on the way out.  She gathered, spent 30 minutes or so, and led them south past us out of sight.  Patty got several good pictures.  See you next year’?

 ‘Lastly, a bittersweet annual event.  As of July 3rd, our tree swallow nesting cycle ended.  Every year it happens around the same time.  Last year’s cycle ended July 6 and 2013, July 5.  Good for them, but sad for us to see all the birds and their constant singing end.  Such is the wonderful world of Nature”.   Barry and Patty Weeks

Being a judge for the July 4th floats is quite a challenge with over 20 floats to select from. Here are this year’s awards:

The two best family floats were the Betz Family and the Barton Family.

The best kids float went to the Bailey Children.

John Betz’s Volvo and Frank Milicia’s Mercedes Benz shared Best Antique Car

Kenny Sprague’s restored 1957 GMC four wheel drive won Best Antique Truck

Mike Arcaro, Best Decorated Motor Bike

Seth Gray, Best Remote Racing Car

GLS Historic Society, Best Historic Float

GLS ATV Club, Best Decorated ATV’s 

DLLT, Best Environmental Float

Francis Bohannon’s Antique Children’s Train, Baileyville

Ukulele Club, Best Float and Best in Parade

Nolan’s combo salmon and submarine won best in Fish Float category.

Elliott and Lily, Best decorated ATV with Cart

Thanks to everyone for the great job building and presenting creative floats again in this year’s parade.

Here are updates from Patty Weeks. The ATV club ride to JACK’S SNACK SHACK AND BEYOND is now scheduled for: TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2015 Meet at the dam at 9:30 am sharp.

Our monthly meeting scheduled for July 23, 2015 has been cancelled.  Our next meeting will be August 27, 2015, 7 to 8 pm at the town hall.  Work parties are still needed and notices will be sent out or you may be contacted to help.

Sunday morning I went to visit the “Hermit” and there were two “Damsels” in distress trying to start their pick-up. This was a treat for two old duffers to solve the problem and to get Joanne and Marilyn back on the road! Thanks ladies for your kind words. A nice pie would sure taste good!!

Owen Gray celebrated his 13th birthday on Sunday at a party held at their home on Tough End Road. Congratulations Owen on becoming a teenager!!

Next week on July 21st the Explorations & Adventures children’s program will be “Passamaquoddy Stories with George Neptune. George has some great stories to share. Program starts at 9:30 at the School House.

The Serious Skills for boys and girls program will feature how to “Cook a Shore Lunch” with Robin Follett.  This program will be on July 16 at 9:30 am.

Your “Humble” correspondent Dave McCullough, 207-796-2286 or