Truck/Car Collide at Scene of RV Fire

By Jayna Smith

On Sunday, July 12th, Washington County Sheriff's Department responded to a vehicle fire in Robbinston.  The call came in at approximately 11:40 a.m.  

According to Chief Deputy Michael Crabtree, a car being towed by an RV had caught fire while in motion.  Robbinston Fire Department and a Deputy Sheriff were dispatched to the scene, and one lane of Route 1 was closed.  There were no injuries reported.

Chief Deputy Crabtree said that as the deputy was interviewing the owner of the RV at the scene, a blue Ford Ranger pickup truck entered the accident area. "The pickup horn was blowing and it was coming close to the first responders," he said in an email.  "The vehicle swerved back into the open lane of travel, and shortly thereafter, struck a vehicle head on, pushing both vehicles into a field."  

The driver of the pickup truck, a male juvenile, is facing charges associated with the crash.  He, along with the three occupants of the other vehicle, a Toyota Yaris--Judith Robinson, age 62, of Eastport; Victor Mahar, age 21; and Amanda Dennison, age 39--were transported to Calais Regional Hospital.  All suffered non-life threatening injuries.    The two other juveniles also traveling in the pickup truck were unharmed.


Calais Fire-EMS, along with Pleasant Point and Calais Police Departments, were called to the second scene involving the truck colliding with the car.  The investigation continues.