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Cassie Oakes

Don’t forget I am collecting Birthday and Anniversary dates for this column, if you would like me to share those of your loved ones please send me a message.  My contact information is at the end of the column.

Pomona Grange was held at the Alexander Grange on Thursday, July 2nd.  They had a Pot Luck Supper and a meeting with election of officers.  The officer positions stayed the same, except for Lecturer and Gate Keeper, who is now Elizabeth McVicar.  Everyone was very glad to see Liz and have her become involved again with the Pomona Grange.  Pomona meets monthly and visits each grange in Washington County.  It was also announced at Pomona that the Princeton Grange will be closing.  Hopefully members of that Grange will find homes at nearby local Granges.

On July 21st a total of 30 adults and children attended the Alexander Elementary School Summer Library.  Folks returned and signed out books and played a bit outside before the cooler misty weather had them head back into the school where kids painted wind chimes, worked on the yearly banner or headed to the gym to put together all kinds of puzzles or played games with the parachute that Glenda Wood brought.  (Thanks Glenda I understand it was a big hit).  A healthy lunch was provided once again free of charge. The lunch program will end once July is over.

Family and Friends gathered at the Alexander Cemetery on the afternoon of July 22nd to pay their final respects to Maxine Seavey.  Following the service folks went to the Alexander Grange Hall to share a lovely luncheon and memories of Maxine.

School will be starting at AES on August 31st and some of the staff has  been in and out of the building trying to start the process of getting things in order for the kids.  Janitor Tim Sanford has been painting and staff is making plans.  Don’t forget to continue to save those Box Tops for Education and Campbell Soup Labels, every little bit AES gets goes directly to the kids.

The Holst Family has been enjoying having their Aunt Pauline DeWald here from Albany, New York for several weeks (Pauline is Mildred Holst’s Sister).  She stayed through the weekend to attend the annual Seavey Reunion being hosted by Roxanne and Terry Holst, taking place on Love Lake.

Roxanne and Terry Holst are having a great time with their Grandkids, Keith who is 14, Emily who is 11 and Jacob who is 9 and this year, a pair of twins have been added to the clan, Noah and William, who are both also 9.  Everyone is enjoying all that a Maine vacation has to offer, which includes lots of swimming, fishing, playing in the lakes, riding ATV’s on the awesome trails throughout Crawford and Alexander, story-telling, campfires, making crafts and eating delicious barbeque foods!  They have all sighted several deer, moose, bears, turtles and an array variety of funny little creatures and birds.  The Family has enjoyed the breakfast at the Breakneck Mountain ATV Club and had a blast at the Hometown Jubilee, bringing home three cakes from the cake-walk.  The kids’ only complaints were having to miss out on visiting with other Holst Family members, who always comes for vacations during the firs week’s of August and International Festival.  They have to get home to Missouri because school begins there in less than three weeks!  They say kids who get to live in Maine are very lucky!

Linda and Freddy Wallace hosted again this year the 24th Annual Sprague-Call-Williams Family Reunion at their Crawford Lake Camp Cozy Haven on Saturday, July 18th.  They had 36 in attendance.  Farthest away was from Topsham.  A Pot Luck Dinner was enjoyed by all.  Lots of great conversations were had as well.  Several photos were taken.  A big hit again this year was a Photo Prop booth by daughter Tanya Fossett.  Games were played, including the ever popular Piñata.  Also a big hit again this year was son Joey’s Portable Concert stage and some wonderful musicians performed.  Unfortunately, missed this year was warm enough weather for boating and swimming.  Also, the crew missed those folks who couldn’t make it this year.  Next year’s Reunion will be on August 13th, 2016.

Fred and Linda Wallace’s youngest daughter Tracey Brasier spent a week following the Reunion with Linda and Fred.  While there, she enjoyed trips to Jonesboro (White House Restaurant), Eastport (Chowder House Restaurant) and St. Andrews, New Brunswick.  While in St. Andrews, Linda and Tracey enjoyed a whale watching trip on the Island Quest and a dinner at the Harbor Front Restaurant.  It was such a pleasure for Freddy and Linda to be able to spend time with Tracey the baby of the family.

Here is some news, thanks to Phyllis Wheaton.  Elizabeth Bursque, her grandmother, Phyllis Wheaton and Phyllis’s mother, Vivian Scott participated in the recent Grand Lake Stream Parade as members of the Uke-Nicks (the local ukele band).  Seven year old Elizabeth, youngest band member, played the concert ukulele and eighty-eight year old Vivian, oldest band member, played the tambourine and sang.  Following the parade, the Uke-Nicks, performed a one hour concert.  This was Elizabeth’s first public performance, so she was thrilled that the Uke-Nicks earned two of the parade awards, Best Float and Best in Parade.  Phyllis, who plays tenor ukulele, gives her granddaughter lessons.  Barbara Wheaton, another daughter of Vivian, also plays tenor ukulele in the band.  If anyone has the opportunity to see this band they should definitely jump on it.

Good thoughts are being sent out to the following folks, Lynn and George Hill, Rhoda Leavitt, Dennis Perkins, Mathew Sullivan, Mary Wallace, Michelle Gallant, John Harvey, Chris Landry, Elwin Daley, Eleanor Dean, Mike and Marilyn Trafton Avis McIntyre, Frank and Toby Peoples, Rolfe and Janice Flood, Betty Fountain and Joline Thornton.

Birthday wishes go out to Tamey Holmes, Fabio Napoleoni, Mike Howell and Dana Niles II. 

Anniversary wishes the go out to David and Elizabeth McVicar and Kerry and Tamey Holmes.

Lucky Loser the past week was Pedro Cejas.  Recently I was asked about what was a Lucky Loser.  

So I will let you all know.  A Lucky Loser is a person that buys an online lottery ticket at Randy’s Variety and loses on that ticket.  They then put their name and contact information on the back of the ticket for a second chance to win, thus a Lucky Loser!

This week has been fairly quiet for me.  I have attended the Beckett Center every day and we have been playing games, going to the Robbinston Boat Landing. On Friday my cooking team, The Wizards, prepared Friday’s meal the gang.  We cooked BLT’s and chips with ice cold Crystal Light, and juicy grapes.


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