Town News

Arline Flood


On Monday, July 20th, there was a town meeting held at the Cathance Grange Hall/Cooper Community Center in Cooper to act on Article 1 - article 6 for the Cooper School Department,. Article 1A was to choose a moderator to be sworn in by the town clerk and Stuart Shortwell was voted in. Bill Brown, Superintendent of Schools was introduced by the moderator. All articles passed, with little discussion, to the recommended amount of $196,947.00.

There was a record crowd for the July Town Meeting. Some I did not recognize. Article 7, 8 and 9 was all about winter road contracts which was  passed with some heated discussion. There is one road, the Vining Lake Road, that was opened by a past selectboard member and was never voted on by the Town of Cooper and this road is a thorn in the side of many others who have to plow their own driveways. The meeting was adjourned on Article 9. I was impressed at the large attendance and hopefully these same folks will be at the annual town meeting in March.

Joey Wallace and David Lee submitted bids for the winter road maintenance. Wallace asked for an annual contract of $90,400 and Lee asked for $77,536. The bid from David Lee was accepted by the selectboard.

The Town Clerk, Sandy Lyon, informed me that the selectboard will meet on Saturday, August 1st and Saturday, August 15th for a temporary change for the rest of the summer, at 8 am at the Cooper Town Office/Cathance Grange Hall Community Center.

Pauline DeWald is staying in Alexander for several weeks visiting family and friends. She is a sister of the late Mildred Holst. We met up with her at the graveside services for Maxine Seavey. She is a cousin to Ralph and there is lots to talk about. At 85 years young, she drove by herself from York, ME. Her mother was a Seavey, sister to Pike Seavey and the rest of the Seaveys.

Wednesday evening, Cathance Grange met at the Grange Hall at 7 pm with all but the Flora and Pomona Chairs filled. Flora filled another chair. Only two guests from the town office attended and one visitor from North Carolina. The selectboard member, Dan Ackley, was asked for comments. There will not be a meeting on August 12th due to the busy blueberry season. Louise Lee, the lecturer, had a fun program with a new sound effects story. The DWA prize was won by Mary Campbell. The mystery prizes were won by Peggy Hallee and John Johnson. A great lunch was served downstairs in honor of the guests that attended. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 26th at 7 pm.


We’re happy to report that Rolfe is much improved and out taking a daily walk with his grandson, Jacob Turner.