Grand Lake Stream

Dave McCullough

The 21st Grand Lake Stream Arts and Crafts Festival is now history! Such a great event. This year I spent time making “Lana’s Luscious Lobster Rolls” and what a treat. It was a great opportunity to see friends who come to Grand Lake just for this festival and to support the local “Village Church” through the sale of the lobster rolls. As always the crafts, displays and music were of a high standard. Jenifer found some crafts that needed to come to our home. 

Jenifer and I started our Monday with a walk to the Pine Tree Store to enjoy a breakfast sandwich and conversation. The conversation was all about the successful festivities of the weekend and the upcoming week. While we were there an older man who said he was from outside of Washington, DC came in and his words reflected the correct accent. He nestled up to the bar and looked over the breakfast menu and ordered a large Hot Fudge Sunday for breakfast.

An early mention to everyone regarding the Grand Lake Stream Historical Society: The annual meeting will be on August 12 at 7 pm at the schoolhouse. The speaker will be David Greenham. The topic will be the Involvement of GLS in the Prisoner of war camps. David spoke previously for the Land Trust and Museum in April in Princeton and this is a repeat due to the interest. There was standing room only and everyone came away wanting more. Be sure and mark the date of August 12th at 7:00 at the school house.

Have you noticed any improvement in “cell” service since the new U.S. Cellular tower has come on line? At this time I have not noticed any significant change in service except near the tower on West Street? Does someone have more information?

You are invited!! Yes everyone is welcome to the ongoing Wednesday (formally Tuesday) evening community pot luck dinners that are held at the “David Irving Beach” on the Northwest Shore of Grand Lake as you leave Dyer Cove. Everyone gathers at the “dam” at 5:00 with a boat, a pot luck item, folding chair and beverage of choice. The boat trip is always beautiful and relaxing. There are float boats and other vessels to take those who do not have transportation. For more information call Andrea at 796-5007, Peter or Nancy at 796-2496 or Dave and Jenifer at 796-2286. “Yes” you are invited to join in a relaxing summer fun adventure! Have guest? Bring them along!

The 2015 Downeast Lakes Land Trust Conservation Award was bestowed upon Mark Berry.  Mr. Berry is the former Executive Director of the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, having spent eight years working hard for the people of the Downeast Lakes region.  The award, presented by Board President Sydney Lea, was a beautiful White Ash canoe paddle, handcrafted by Dale Tobey, complete with a wood-burned engraving done by Deb McMichael.  

There is a special loving relationship when grandchildren enter our lives. So is the case when the Cornwall’s son Charley, his wife Yulia and their children Jane, Stas and Danny from California visited them for two wonderful weeks this month.....lots of fun!

 A note from Howard Irving. “Dave thought you would enjoy this article, pictures and blog from a distant Scottish relative who recently visited us in Maine. The pictures of Grand Lake Stream were taken from our dock or our pontoon boat. Life is good in Maine and Scotland. I have visited many of the places shown in her blog of the Hebrides”. >

Send in a story of your visitors who come to Grand Lake Stream.


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