Town News

Linda Baniszeski

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have expressed your enjoyment in reading this column.  It always surprises me how many people outside of Meddybemps like to hear about us.  A special “hello” this week to Zach Johnson from Calais, who especially likes hearing about the wildlife out here.  And my thanks to all those who provide news and interesting facts to share with others.

It seems our part of Maine is fascinating and enjoyable to a lot of people for many different reasons.  According to, Meddybemps is the first name on the list of the “35 best places to say out loud in Maine.” Don’t you just love it!

Happy Birthday wishes to “Boots” Johnson on July 30, Christine Dickey - 31; and Jane Gillespie and Ernest Hansen on August 1st and 5th, respectively.  Patty Reynolds helped to celebrate her sister Cathy’s 50th birthday.  Congratulations to Ted and Carol Bloomhardt who just celebrated their 35th Wedding Anniversary.  Our neighbor Sara (Bell) Thomas was feted at a baby shower last Sunday.  A large group of family and friends from here and away gathered to celebrate Sara and Mike’s new little girl who will arrive soon.  

Arriving this week to enjoy vacations are my sister Michele and her husband Mike Lattanzio with their two dogs -- Belle, a Bichon, and Daisy, a Havanese.  Scuffy is absolutely thrilled to have play-dates with her k-9 cousins.  The Lattanzios are spending two weeks here; and are refreshed by our cooler temperatures and lower humidity than where they live in Manning, South Carolina.  Karen and Dennis Gilbert are also at their camp for a week with son Todd and daughter-in-law, Tammi, and their three boys Corey, Andrew and Tj.  The laughter and activity of the boys really livens up our part of the cove. Kayaking, pedal boating, fishing, swimming and boating fill every day for these little guys.  No time is wasted enjoying the lake, come rain or shine, morning ‘til night. 

Danny Wallace has been busy rebuilding the deck at Terry and Charlie Rier’s camp.  He’s doing a great job.  

Nature continues to fascinate and delight us.  Fireflies (or “lightening bugs” as we called them as kids on the Farm in Pennsylvania) are quite thick in the evening throughout the woods along our lane.  It is just magical seeing the intermittent twinkling everywhere I look when Scuffy needs to go out in the early evening. Another beautiful sight greatly blessed me one clear evening when I took her out before bedtime.  The sky was a deep gray with a few light gray clouds streaking across the partial moon.  The moon’s light cast a brilliant white glow across the water, like a silvery path to a stairway to heaven.  Breathtaking!  

Our birds feast on the little bugs that fly through the air and live in the shrubs and grass.  A particularly pretty song sparrow family frequents the lilac bush right outside my kitchen window.  Their sweet tweets alert me to their presence when they rest and snatch up an occasional little spider. Eww, they can have all they want.  We also have gentle little wrens here most of the time, sharing the bounty with chickadees, finches and a woodpecker family of three. Our suet feeder is so popular that we must constantly refill it.

While driving to Calais on Route 191 through Moosehorn Refuge, there was a snapper turtle stopped in the middle of the road exactly on the yellow line.  His head was out and neck twisted as if he was watching for traffic to clear so he could continue to the other side of the Refuge.  When I came back home awhile later, he was gone.  It appears he safely reached his destination.

Don’t forget the Public Breakfast this Saturday, August 1 at Meddybemps Community Center - 8 to 10 a.m.  Everyone from everywhere is invited to enjoy the bountiful homemade pancakes, breakfast meats and egg casseroles prepared and served by volunteers with Lake Meddybemps Association.  This annual event provides funds for ongoing water testing at various points throughout Meddybemps Lake, and the additional expensive, but necessary, comprehensive water testing and analysis done every few years.   There are always very fine items offered in the Silent Auction, and Meddybemps Lake themed fundraising items like Trivets and T-Shirts.  Emblazened on the back of the T-shirts is “Meddybemps Rocks.”  The cleverly worded shirts accurately describe our quirky lake with its many surprises hidden beneath the surface, that sometimes move from year-to-year depending on the winter’s ice.

On August 2nd, the Lake Meddybemps Association’s annual meeting is 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Meddybemps Community Center.  All interested parties are invited, and new members are always warmly welcomed and appreciated.


Thanks to everyone who provided news for this week’s column.  Please send your personal, organization and community news to LBaniszeski or phone 454-3719.