Meet Our New Provider

Calais Regional Hospital is pleased to welcome Family Nurse Practitioner Blaire Siefken to CRMS Family Practice.  Ms. Siefken earned her Bachelor and Masters of Science degrees in nursing from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, graduating at the top of her class.  Prior to her nursing education, she spent 5 years working with the Maine Migrant Health Program in many areas of Maine, including a lot of time in Washington County.  During her time with the Maine Migrant Program she was able to see healthcare provided in a very approachable, friendly, hands on and education based manner, and it inspired her to be able to provide care in the same way.

Ms. Siefken has most recently been working for the Baltimore Medical System in Baltimore, MD.  She provided primary care services to children and adults in a busy Baltimore city community health center, with approximately 50% of her patients being non-English speaking, including many immigrants, refugees and asylees.   “One thing I have loved is building my practice with families,” said Ms. Siefken. “I have been able to experience taking care of multiple generations within a family unit, which creates a great rapport and relationship for patient care.”

Ms. Siefken  grew up in Palermo, ME, and is excited to be coming home.  Her mother and father still reside in the small town of about 1500 between Augusta and Belfast.  She also has an older sister in Clinton and lots of other extended family around.   When she began looking to return home, Washington County was on her list.  She enjoyed her previous time spent here and it felt like a good fit for her.      

Ms. Siefken is looking forward to setting down roots in her home state and caring for the people of Eastern Washington County.  And maybe even one day creating memories of growing up in a rural Maine community with children of her own such as, Saturday dump trips with her dad, stops at the local store for penny candy and afternoons in the family garden “helping.” 


Ms. Siefken will begin seeing patients on August 3.  Call 454-8195, option 1 for an appointment or to inquire about her services.  Please take the opportunity to welcome our newest provider when the opportunity presents itself.