Tour of Historic St. Anne’s Church to be Held

By Lura Jackson

Of the many resplendent churches that have been constructed in Calais over the centuries, there are a few that still remain as luminous beacons of the community. Located at the intersection of Church and Washington Street, St. Anne’s Episcopal Church is one of the oldest surviving churches in Calais. Residents and visitors will have the opportunity to freely tour the architecturally stunning building on August 6th between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 pm.

The tour will be conducted by St. Croix Historical Society member and former teacher Jerry LaPointe, with the assistance of Shane DelMonaco. LaPointe will be dressed as a member of the clergy of the church from the early 1900s while DelMonaco will be acting as his young assistant. Together the pair will provide background on the church building itself and its significance to the community while portraying historically accurate ceremonies and services appropriate to the period. Old-fashioned refreshments will be served to visitors at no charge.


St. Anne’s Episcopal Church was built in 1853 in the Gothic style by James Renwick, who is recognized for designing some of the most famous buildings in America. Prior to St. Anne’s, he designed the Smithsonian Institution Building (also known as the “Castle” for its combination of Romanesque and Gothic styles) in Washington, D.C. He would later design St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. St. Anne’s Church is now listed on the register of historic places.