Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Summer is winding down.  Yet, many seasonal residents stay on, enjoying the warm and sunny late summer weather.  We were so fortunate to have had a good soaking rain last Friday.  Otherwise, it seems to rain overnight and clear up for enjoyable afternoons.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  The lake level once again has come up for safer late summer/early fall boating, just in time to welcome our family members back to their nearby camps. 

Janet Wooding enjoyed spending time with her daughters, and said, “I just had a wonderful visit from two of my daughters, Martha from New Jersey and Susan from Wales.  We had a wonderful four days, including going to Kingsbrae Gardens  in St. Andrews and Quoddy Head State Park, two of our favorite places to visit. The visit went much too fast, they left in the rain last Friday morning.”  

Scuffy and I also enjoyed taking Janet, Susan and Martha out in the boat last Thursday for a tour of the lake.  While out there, we saw a cormorant flexing its wings from its perch on a rock.  According to research on the internet, these large, black birds are found in Maine primarily along the coast, and on lakes, along rocky shores, on ledges and swimming in the water.  The Latin name means “sea crow;” although they are not technically from the crow family.  We also saw a lone loon swimming and diving near Rolf Towe’s island.  

Congratulations to Meddybemps residents Mike and Sarah (Bell) Thomas upon the birth of their baby girl Isabella Catherine Thomas.  We cannot wait to meet her.

 Celebrating birthdays within the next week are Ted Ackley and Larry Lord on September 23.  Best wishes to each of them!  Patty Reynolds helped to celebrate Ashley Reynolds 21st birthday with other aunts and family members in Bangor at a number of fun places around town.  Congratulations Ashley!  She’s a great young lady and we wish her the very best as she enters her adult years.  Scuffy celebrated a birthday, too.  Her fourth on September 12.  She was treated to a Frosty Paws, dog ice cream treat. She licked the little cup completely clean.

We welcome Jennifer Doten back to full-time residency in Meddybemps.  She lived and worked in Scarborough, Maine, while Alyssa finished high school there.  Alyssa is now a freshman in college in southern Maine.  Jennifer’s husband Bill split his work-time between here and Portland during the time Jennifer worked there.  She has recently begun a new position with a nearby organization.  

Driving on route 191 to church in Calais on Sunday, there was a young dead beaver along the side by the Moosehorn Wildlife Refuge.   When we returned home later, it was gone.  Perhaps someone who recognized the value of its pelt picked it up.  So sad to see pretty critters like that, but life is hard; and nature is even more cruel for wildlife.


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