Town News

Sally Doten


Look out your windows and see that beautiful fall foliage. It is definitely the prettiest time of the year. Later today I am hoping to get to the Refuge to take some pictures. I love snapping the scenery.

People have asked me where I live in Baring. The answer was always simple, “I have the only house in town with red shutters.” Well, times they’re “achangin’.” After spending three weeks with Ever-Green Glass Company in my yard, I now have the only yellow house in town with no shutters. Yet!  For awhile I thought I had adopted two new sons....They were here for coffee, they ate my snacks, they were in my fridge, and in and out all day long. Just like the old days when Jeff and his friends were here. And, I loved it! The previous statement is not a complaint. Work being done around the house was badly needed. I just didn’t realize how bad it was or how long it would take. Now I have the newest (almost) home in town. 

It was nice to see Oliva Smith home over the long holiday weekend. She is a student at Husson College.

We enjoyed at great meal with friends Friday evening. We were in St. Stephen at Pizza Delight. I had to have my “donair.” Don’t know how they make it or what exactly the meat is, but I love it. I think it’s a strictly a Canadian thing. Yummy.

As most of you know, Muriel Doten is a resident at Marshall Healthcare in Machias.  She is a World War II veteran and probably one of the few remaining ones in this area. Muriel served as a nurse in the European theatre taking care of many injured servicemen. She is originally from Wisconsin and met Uncle Clyde while in the service. As Veterans’ Day approaches, I think she would love being remembered for her dedication; a shower of cards would be great.

Irene Gallway has had visitors from New York. Bud Barnard’s son was here for a few days to check on his dad.

I was orry to learn of the passing of Greg Carter. Greg was a former student from Calais Memorial High School and an active member of the Key Club while there.  I remember him spending several visits in the office with me working on projects. He was a dedicated worker for the club and enjoyed every minute.  Rest in peace, Greg. My sympathy goes out to his family.


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