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Sharon Frost


Birthstone: Opal. Flower: Calendula

October is National Kids’ Fitness Month

October 12th Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day (Canada), New Moon

To store potatoes, layer them between newspapers in a plastic laundry bag. Keep the basket in a cool, dark area.

Pot up geraniums and marigolds for continued bloom indoors.

It was a sunny but cool, windy day on Saturday for the Perry Fair. People were coming and going. There were lovely homemade items and great food. Hard to believe that has come and gone. Time has a way of passing.

The stores are stocking Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one. That is a mixed up mess to say the least. If we celebrated Thanksgiving in October there wouldn’t be such a rush to contend with, but we have to follow the program.

Lynn and John Sale from North Carolina have their first grandchild.

For every fog in October, a snow in the winter.

Columbus Day on Monday, October 12th. Honor veterans. Fly the flag.

An optimist is someone who tells you to cheer up when everything is going his way.

The tough thing about living alone, you’re always the first to know that you’re out of toilet paper.

When you’re sick, you have to make your own chicken soup.

The lights on the poles up street are just beautiful, flags flying. It will be picturesque when the snow fall.

It was nice to see my aunt Shirley Quigley and a friend on Saturday enjoying dinner at the Wickachee.


Nick Howard and friend were home from Portland to visit mother and father Derick and Lisa Howard and also his grandmother Pat Yardley.