Town News

Arline Flood


I realize that I bragged myself up about the grange yard sale when actually Mary Campbell and my sister Louise Lee worked very hard to make this a success.  Also, Marcia Wheelock cooked the hot dogs and took care of the kitchen duties.  Ralph was the cashier and helped as well.  

We are still reeling from the sudden closure of the community center/grange hall.  The meeting scheduled for October 14 has to be cancelled for the grange which means the Halloween Party is also postponed.  Three of our regular members will have left for their winter homes.  The whole thing has been a problem for many others as the supper and raffle had to be canceled last Saturday, October 3rd.  

I didn’t make it to the selectboard meeting last Saturday morning but there was quite a lot of blame thrown around, some of it completely wrong.  I understand someone was upset because I said profanity was yelled at me.  No, they didn’t take the Lord’s name in vain; they used four letter words instead.  The first time I’ve ever had that happen but I forgive them or him.  Right now it boils down to a safety inspection scheduled next week and a couple of days later the town will know the results.  Hopefully everything will be settled by the November elections which is held at the hall.  It’s always unfortunate when someone gets ill from a possible mold problem but we’re all hopeful it wasn’t the hall.

The Cooper Town Hall is separate from the Grange Hall and can be assessed from the side door, and business is as usual. 

Eric made his flight on time last Wednesday, and his niece Krystal drove through some rough weather to pick him up.  Thank you, darling granddaughter.  It was a very hectic few days and he really enjoyed the big retirement party for Rick Scribner on Saturday.  He and his wife Joel are very close friends and Rick was a mentor in college.  An open house in the afternoon with a large campfire in the evening brought a lot of old friends together, between 75 and 100 as far as he could tell.  It was good to reconnect to old college friends after all these years.  

Meanwhile, the family visited and had a great time together with lobster one day, apple pie and too much food altogether.  Ralph and I drove him to Bangor yesterday afternoon to catch his flight back to Arizona.  He did up a lot of chores for his father.  

There will be the annual Harvest Supper at the Meddybemps Christian Church to be held at the community center on Tuesday, October 13th at 6:00 pm.  This will be a ham dinner with potluck dishes brought in by the members.  Everyone is invited to join them.  

Get well wishes go out to Wanda McClure, Myrtle Ackley, Maxine Palmeter, Paul Johnson, Johnny Haley, and Joanne Wheelock, and to Marcia Wheelock who had a knee replacement this morning.  There are so many on the sick list this fall.

It has been a year on September 28th since we lost our beautiful great granddaughter Abby, daughter of Trever and Shanon.  We never forget her and quite a few went to a walk in Bangor for bereaved parents of children.  We are all looking forward to the new baby in March.

It has been 17 years since we lost our sisters Violet (Day) Dineen and Betty Flood Galligan.  They passed away within hours of each other on October 17, 1998.  We had some great times and many wonderful memories.


Happy birthday in October to Alley Haddock, Carson Hold, Wesley Lyon, Liz Trount, Trevor Flood, Rhonda Flood, Ben Turner, Jason Flood, Tonia Flood Lanier, April Lee, Isaac Sinclair, Kay Sadler, James and Josey Lee, Karyn Flood, Nancy Cochran, Jessica Kowalski, Ashton Perkins, Dana Hatton, Paige Fitch, Maxine Dinkins, Stacy Poole Wescott, Brenda Robb, Aaron John Boyce, Mike White, and all you other fall babies.