Halloween Party Lovers Rejoice, the Black Magic Bash is Back!

By Jayna Smith

Anyone who knows the Calais Lioness Club knows those ladies can throw a party.  These gatherings, however, have an ultimate goal of more than just having fun.  

The mission of the Calais Lioness Club is to help those in need locally.  Every event the Lioness holds is a fundraiser to help others, and all of the donations the club makes are to those here in the greater Calais area.  

"Some donations are made to families suffering after the loss of a fire, while some are provided when an individual needs assistance for traveling costs associated with a medical issue," President Linda Coltart explained, and she said the club gets numerous requests for various reasons every month.  "All donation requests are carefully considered by members of the club."

The next big fundraiser for the Calais Lioness Club is the Second Annual Black Magic Bash.  How it came into play was a group effort, as well as a community effort.

Last fall, recognizing that Calais did not have a fun autumn event like many communities, coupled with the fact that the Witches of Eastport event was cancelled for that year, Lioness Lorraine Mitchell thought it would be great if Calais got on board with some festive activities for the community.  

The Calais Lioness Club, made up of around 25 ladies, was quick to coordinate with other groups and organizations, such as the library, Calais Rotary, and CDRC, among others, and soon there was a day of fun for all ages.  It was then when Black Magic Saturday evolved.  The finale was, and is again this year, the Black Magic Bash.    

According to event organizer Lioness Laurel Perkins, this year's bash will be held at the Townhouse Restaurant and Lounge on Main Street and will again be held on the Saturday preceding Halloween, this year on October 24th.  "This is a move from our location last year, but we want to spread things around so more can benefit," she stated.  

"Of course we have some great things up our sleeves, including raffles and prizes, so people won't want to miss out."  Perkins, however, is keeping those raffles and prizes a secret for now.  "People will have to come out and see what we have planned, and I promise, they won't regret it," she said.

The event starts at 8:00 pm, with admission being a donation to the Lioness Club charity fund.  "We don't typically charge a set admission price because so many appreciate our efforts and donate quite generously," Perkins said.

The group's personal caterer, Lioness Becky Lacasse, is providing hor d'oeuvres, and of course no Halloween party is complete without a costume contest.  There will be prizes awarded for the top picks, according to Perkins.

"People can come to the Townhouse earlier in the day and check out the St. Croix Valley Chamber of Commerce's chili cook-off," Perkins said, adding, "But music and dancing and everything fun from the Lioness will start later in the evening."


Updates on this event and others from the group can be found on its Facebook page, Calais Lioness Club.  This includes other ongoing fundraisers such as the online RADA knife sale and details on ordering Calais Lioness Club cookbooks.