Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Can you believe we are already half-way through October!  Well, I can’t.  It has been another beautiful month, though.  We are blessed not to have had flooding like other places in New England and the South.  The lake came up another 4” allowing safer travel on the lake for those visiting islands, out for crusing, or doing some leaf peeping by boat.

Happy birthday wishes to Patty Reynolds on October 17.  Happy anniversary to Bob and Linda Gordon on October 18.  Many more happy years are wished to Patty; Bob and Linda.

Another of Janet Wooding’s daughters visited with her for several days.  Janet said, “My fourth daughter, Ruth from Montana, visited me last week.We had a wonderfully relaxed week, catching up and visiting a few favorite places.  We had beautiful weather too, except for one rainy day which did not bother my forester daughter at all!” 

Kim (Denyer) Oliver and her husband have been busy closing up their camp for the season this week.  Scuffy especially enjoys playing with Kim’s little Lhasa Apso, Abby.  She will miss all her k-9 friends as they leave for the season.  Patti Lentz and her yorkie, Emmy visit almost daily, a blessing for Scuffy and me.  Rich is up north on a moose hunt. After trying to get a permit for more than 25 years, he finally has a chance to hunt one.  He and his brother, Tim are hunting with a good outfitter, so hopefully the hunt will not be in vain.

 The wildlife here is busy these days.  Earlier in the fall, the Pearsons told me about a large beaver lodge they could see from their camp.  At that time, we said we hadn’t seen any near our place.  But only last week, Barry saw a beaver swimming in the cove near the Bell property.  There is also a nosy skunk who shows up in our yard occasionally.  We see the little divots it leaves in the yard where it digs for grubs.  All this time, we thought it was a racoon.  Pet owners need to be especially careful about when the pets are out these days.

 We had a few firsts of the season last week:  First wood fire in the stove, and first frost.  The heat isn’t needed all the time, just to take away the morning chill.  When I was visiting my cousin last weekend at the Thousand Islands area of New York, we had a very heavy frost.  The weather is pretty much the same as here.  Leaves were nearly at peak in New Hampshire, but western Maine, Vermont and upstate New York were not quite there yet.  Driving across Route 37 in New York state, there is a general store with an amusing sign.  In large letters it says, “Dick’s Country Store - Gas, Groceries, Guns and Guitars.” I guess that just about covers it. 

There is another free concert with a light lunch at 2nd Baptist Church on Saturday October 17 at 6:30 p.m.  All are invited.  A free-will offering is taken. There is also a Harvest Festival for children at 2nd Baptist on October 30.  Everyone is also invited so mark your calendars.  Children can come in costumes, but no scary or devilish ones please.  There will be games and a cake walk, and most all children receive a cake to take home.  More details to follow.


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