Town News

Kathy Mekelburg


On Wednesday the 7th, my husband decided to go mountain climbing. As he had a new hip replacement almost a year ago, he wanted to find out just how good the new hip was. He took Bob, our Old English Sheepdog (borrowing my car) and together they climbed Tuck Mountain which is in Hancock County, a bit west of Cherryfield. The base has an elevation of 235 feet, while the summit is 1157 feet, an elevation climb of 922 feet. They walked some side trails as well and covered over five miles. My husband has been climbing for 65 years when he was only seven years old. That first climb was on Big Moose Mountain near Moosehead Lake. He was quite tired, but no ill effects on his artificial hip.

On Saturday the 10th, my husband took another trip. This time he travelled on his scooter to northern Maine, to a rather remote settlement of Forest City then crossed into New Brunswick. The weather was quite cold, mostly in the mid 40s and quite windy. Snow fell there on Saturday night.

Saturday morning, Barbara Barnes hosted the church council at the Sewall Congregational Church. You may have seen scaffolding in front of the church. That is for the workmen who is replacing the framework to hold the new windows. The church is an important part of town and donations for the cost of the restorations is needed. These may be  made in honor of or in memory of a loved one.


Saturday afternoon, Amy Jeanroy and two of her children, Bekah and Bazzy, came over for a nature walk. It was cold and windy, but we including the dogs climbed the lookout tower to view the foliage and other sights. Amy took a panoramic picture from the top and the kids collected leaves and admired other things they saw. We were all glad to get back to the warm house. Next year we will check out the other trails.