Stressed Women Wanted for Day-long Retreat

By Lura Jackson

In a world that can seem overrun with an ever-increasing stream of responsibilities and less and less time to take a moment and center oneself, it isn’t hard to find stressed-out women. Too often, women are forsaking their own needs in favor of meeting the demands of others—a process that leaves them depleted and unable to work towards their personal goals. 

Lanette Pottle was once one of those women—until she began taking steps to reclaim her time and assert control over her life. She was empowered by the 2010 Washington County Leadership Institute, and has been fulfilling her dream of promoting positivity and meaningful action through classes, workshops, and public speaking ever since. As a recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Award, Pottle has been formally recognized for her talents, but her heart never strays far from her roots in Down East Maine. Her commitment to her home community is evidenced by a women’s workshop she will be facilitating on Saturday, November 7th at Peaceful Postures Yoga Studio in Calais.  

The six-hour workshop is specifically designed to be a supportive and rejuvenating day for women who are feeling over-worked and overwhelmed. Licensed yoga instructor Christine Henry will introduce participants to gentle yoga at the beginning and end of the day, with mats provided if attendees would like to practice an exercise that is simultaneously calming and strengthening. 

“This is the first time I’ve added yoga to one of my day retreats and that’s exciting,” Pottle said. “I think there are a lot of women out there—myself included—that are curious about yoga but that have been too timid to go to a class.” Pottle explained that gentle yoga is ideal for beginners and that women can participate at whatever their comfort level is. 

In addition to nourishment of the body and spirit through yoga, participants will go through a series of activities and discussions aimed at helping women experience life in a new and affirming way—one that lets them participate in all the things that are important to them without losing themselves in the process. “We’ll identify and create support networks, reconnect with our dreams and begin to bring them to life through designing vision boards,” Pottle elaborated.

Vision boards are powerful personal visualization tools that enable individuals to identify and work towards their goals. The basic parts of the vision boards will be provided at the workshop, though Pottle said that participants are invited to bring anything along (such as photos, embellishments, or magazine clippings) they would like to customize theirs with. Pottle said that one participant in a past workshop that harbored dreams of traveling brought in a vintage suitcase to customize instead. “We’ll give you the basics, but the sky is the limit,” she said. “Have fun with it!”

Though the workshop is designed for any woman over 18, Pottle identifies two types of women in particular that would benefit from it: those who are on a journey of personal development and busy professionals who are always giving of their time and talents to others but rarely take time for themselves. Neither role should be done in isolation, a point Pottle recognizes well. Participants that register before 10/20 will be able to bring a friend for free. “It’s a great chance to plan a mother-daughter, sisters, or friends day out,” Pottle said. 


The workshop will be held on November 7th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The registration fee is $97; a light lunch (soup and salad), workbook, vision board, and door prize drawing (valued at $79) are included. Seats can be reserved by visiting Any questions can be directed to