Community Thanksgiving Dinner Serves 800 Meals

By Lura Jackson


The third annual community Thanksgiving was a tremendous success with almost 800 meals served. Numerous individuals and organizations donated their resources and time to ensure everything went smoothly. (Photos by Lura Jackson).

Families and individuals from all over the county came to the third annual community Thanksgiving held at the Second Baptist Church last week. The attendees and numerous volunteers helped to make the event the most successful one yet, with nearly 800 meals served. 

“Even if it was only one person, that would have been fine,” organizer Bill Gibson said. Gibson and his wife Arlene coordinated the donations and prepared much of the food for the event, including cooking and stripping forty large turkeys. Gibson said that being able to provide for community members in need (either of food or of company) was a truly important part of the holiday season. “This is what it’s all about.”

Some chose to share in the feast in person while others opted to have their meals at home. All were able to enjoy the copious amounts of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, mixed vegetables, pies, and gravy provided by the banquet, most of which was donated by individuals and organizations. Among the many individuals and organizations that donated were Alan Greenlaw (who provides the first two large turkeys each year, Gibson noted), Dunkin Donuts, the IGA, Johnson’s, McDonald’s, numerous small businesses, Danny Moses, and Wayne Chick. 

Volunteers from all over the community came to offer a hand in the sweltering kitchen, while others delivered meals to housebound individuals. “None of this would be possible without the volunteers,” Gibson said. 

Praise and thanks for the meal could be heard throughout the dining hall, with one diner commenting, “It couldn’t have been better if I’d cooked it myself.”


Gibson said he and his wife are already preparing for next year. “We’ll keep doing it until we can’t do it any longer.”