Rock Wall Saves House from Runaway Car

By Jayna Smith


A 79-year old Robbinston woman got a surprise when she was called out of her Sunday church service by a local police officer, only to be told her car had rolled part way down Calais Avenue.  

At approximately 11:30 am on Sunday, November 29th, the on-duty police officer was called to a single-vehicle accident on the corner of Calais Avenue and Park Street.  Upon arrival, a 2014 Buick was resting in a stone wall after having rolled from its parking space in front of the First Congregational Church.  The stone wall borders the former Greystone Bed & Breakfast, now a residence owned by the Delaney family.  

A family member at the residence noticed the car which had its path intercepted when it hit the rock wall.  The vehicle sustained damage to the front end and was towed from the scene.  Damage estimates for the rock wall are unknown at this time.  


Calais Police Department confirmed the cause of the accident was due to the vehicle's transmission not being properly placed in the park position.