Town News

Sharon Frost


Winter begins on December 21st.  Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.

Sister Judy of Moncton, NB spent a few days last week with her sister Pat Yardley.  They enjoyed eating out, shopping and spending time with Judy’s nieces.

My sister-in-law Esther Clinch of St. George fell outside and shattered her shoulder. She has been laid up for a few weeks.

Jean Stevens has been under the weather for the past week or more.  I hope she’ll soon feel better.

Congratulations to Doc Wilkinson on being winner from Above and Beyond nominations. It is so deserving.  

Midnight Madness packed the market at Garcelon Civic Center in St. Stephen on Friday.  It was beautifully set up with decorated tables and lots of different vendors selling crafts, baked goods, cosmetics, jewelry, Tupperware, and more.  

I dropped by the Chocolatier where candies were set out for everyone to enjoy.  There were good buys and everyone dressed in Christmas attire.

Friday evening in Calais was fantastic.  People were bustling around in and out of the stores that were beautifully decorated.  The Lioness parade was as good as Macy’s.  Everyone was raving about it.  The floats were so beautifully decorated, the children involved, it was just wonderful. Thanks to all the Lioness who make it happen.  Kids met with Santa at the triangle park following the parade.

St. Anne’s cookie sale on Saturday morning was well attended.  There were lots of decorated cookies, cherry balls, fudge, etc.  A beautiful day it was.

Across the street, the Congregational Church held its Christmas bazaar.  There was a nice array of baked goods, Christmas decorations, and so much more to choose from.  

On Saturday I took a drive to St. Andrews to visit my uncle who will be 93 on Wednesday.  His brothers and sisters are celebrating with him with a potluck.

The Lions Club celebrated its annual Santa’s Helper at the Second Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon.  Sam Coltart entertained with his saxophone, the church choir sang several wonderful holiday songs, hot dogs and drinks were served. 

Don’t forget Mt. View Chamber Singers at St. Anne’s on Friday, December 11th.

The hospital auxiliary’s Christmas bazaar on Friday, December 11th from 7 am to 2 pm in the classroom.  There will be raffles, gift items, and homemade goodies.   

On Saturday, December 12th Dave Mumford will present a concert at Second Baptist Church at 6:30 pm.

The Baring Baptist Church will serve a fellowship potluck after the morning service on Sunday, the 13th.  There will also be a Deacon Ordination Service for Dave Claroni at 1:00 pm.

Baby Oliver, son of Bob and Sherrie, celebrated his first birthday on Sunday.


Birthday wishes go out to Lisa Howard , Arran Oliver, Cindy Richendollar, Julie Richard, Amy Casey, Dr. Feiner, Christian Fowler, Makayla Hodson, Mary McLellan, Nicole Corwett, Sharon Goding, Jane Ames, and Luke Furtek.