Christmas Caroling Elves Up For Hire

By Jayna Smith

The Calais Lioness Club has become a very prominent group in the community.  Every event with the club's name included is well-attended and full of fun, and now the ladies have come up with a new fundraiser that promises to be no different.  

"When the ladies of the club get together, great ideas and big things happen," President Linda Coltart stated, and that is what happened around a table at the Santa's Helper program last Sunday. 

"One of the members brought up how fun it would be to be involved with Christmas caroling.  Another brought up dressing up in our elf costumes, and another said it would be a great fundraiser," Coltart explained.  "Within minutes we had a complete plan and a date was chosen."  

Naturally this idea came just after the great performance by some of the Lioness ladies at the Santa Helper program.  The response from those in the audience was a good one.  "It was even requested that we sing a second song, and we did really well under pressure, I must say" Coltart said.  

On Sunday, December 20th, the Lioness Elves will set out through town to perform Christmas carols at various residences.  Due to time limitations, the group can only accept the first twenty who reserve them with a donation.  

Of course, like many of the events the club hosts, the purpose is to raise funds to help those in need in the greater Calais area.  "We are willing to provide our great performance for a minimum of a $10 donation, and of course more than that is great too.  We will certainly do our best and do guarantee it will be fun for everyone," Coltart said. 

Now in its thirtieth year, the club raises funds to distribute to those in need in the greater Calais area.  Requests for donations are discussed by the board of directors and are typically given for things such as travel expenses when there is a need for medical care outside of the area, cancer care or other medical necessity, or when fire destroys a home.  

Among the many ways the Lioness Club raises money to help others is by selling raffle tickets on various baskets, selling tickets on their popular Superdraw during International Homecoming Festival, or events like dances and road tolls.  The only event the club hosts that is not a fundraiser is the annual Christmas Parade.  

"The parade is just our way to say thank you to our great community that supports us and all we do," Coltart stated.  "We just love to spread fun and cheer.  We are still excited from our Christmas parade so I guess perhaps we want to extend that even further."  

Anyone can call Lioness Lorraine Mitchell at 454-7587 for all the details and to sign up to have us come to their own home or to that of a loved one," Coltart stated.  She added that reservations must be made by December 16th, and then prior to the 20th, an estimated time of the performance at the residence will be provided.  


For more information on the Calais Lioness Club, including this "caroling elves" event, one can visit the club's Facebook page.