60 Year Bronze Star



Left to right: RB Weibley J. Dean II, PDDGM, Wor. Bro. Harold L. Silverman, PM, Wor. Bro. W. Thomas Parks, Master. David G. Beckett, PDDGM.

At the first meeting of St. Croix Lodge No. 46 for 2016, the lodge was pleased to present to Wor. Bro. Harold Silverman a Bronze Star representing 60 years in Masonry. Wor. Bro. Silverman was raised in St. Croix Lodge on September 13, 1955. Assisting with the presentation were RW Bro. Dean, Wor. Bro. Parks, and RW Bro. Beckett. Bro. Silverman has been an active member of the Lodge for all of those years. Reemon Silverman, Harold’s daughter was invited into the Lodge for the presentation and she was very pleased and proud to be there for this very special occasion. Bro. Silverman is a life long resident of Calais.