Alexander/Crawford History

Town News

By John Dudley 

& Cassie Oakes

Did you know the history of that yellow house about opposite Mr. Ed’s Blueberry shed, known by many as Zela Cousins’ place?  This residence at 1886 Airline Road is now occupied by her grandson Ed Powers.

Samuel and Phebe (Scott) Scribner were in Alexander before the 1820 census and likely living on lot 76 at the site behind the present home where a hay rake stands on a rock pile.  Their last child was George Stillman Smith Scribner born September 13, 1829.  Samuel died in April 1830 leaving Phebe with 8 children.  The story of her survival makes for an interesting study.

Samuel likely had signed a “bond” with Bingham Heirs to buy the property.  Bingham’s and Baring Brothers’ agent was John Black of Ellsworth and he cared for the settlers’, John Dudley never read of a settler being evicted for none payment.  But his research has sadly not uncovered the bonds.  On January 17, 1887 by quit claim deed (1180.403) the north 110 acres of lot 76 was sold by Bingham Heirs to George S.S. Scribner.

Still Scribner, as he was called, had been married twice with four children by each wife. The first, Charlotte Strout, ran away with a handsome logger from PEI leaving Still with a set of twin babies.  The second was Rebecca Godfrey; already a widow whose only surviving children would be any set of Scribner twins.

The Calais Advertiser of October 29, 1913 reported G.S.S. Scribner, a well-known and respected resident of Alexander, died suddenly at Woodland, Wednesday last.  He was disposing of a load of produce when stricken with heart trouble, and died a couple hours later without having recovered consciousness.

Still was survived by his widow, Rebecca and two sets of twins by two different mothers; Morton, Theodore, Benjamin, and Alice M. Staples.

On April 24, 1914 the Estate of George SS Scribner sold to Harold A. Cousins the 110-acre lot and buildings (312.458).  Zela was Harold’s wife.

After Harold died in 1974, ownership was transferred to his daughter Clarice Perkins, wife of Fletcher who resides in Crawford.  Zela died in 2000. Again through several deeds ownership was transferred to Clarice and Fletcher’s son Edward and his wife Janet Perkins.

June 6, 2013 Edward & Janet Perkins deeded to Edward Powers a Life Estate for house and 250 by 250 foot lot bounded by Airline on the north (deed book 394 page 94).


For 200 years this one home site occupied by two families.  Our next site will include another death report and eleven owners in the same two centuries.