Councillor Abby Pond Announces She Will Run for Mayor

Councillor Abby Pond has launched St Stephen’s 2016 municipal race with her announcement as a candidate for Mayor in the May election.

“St Stephen is a fantastic community, built by people who care about its future and its people. A shift has been happening here - new developments, new businesses, new programs and services - and I would like to continue to help St. Stephen evolve.”

“I have been both encouraged and honestly humbled by the number of people who have asked me to run for mayor and offered to support me. A Mayor must represent every part of the community and my support seems to come from everywhere – it is wonderful !” she said.

 When asked about the issues she foresees in the campaign Pond listed several she feels are critical to the future of St Stephen. Her first priority is continued improvement to communication between Town Hall and the community.

Fiscal responsibility is also a key to St. Stephen’s continued growth. Pond describes the role of Council first and foremost is one of governance, not operations - that is the role of good staff. “We ensure taxpayer money is spent wisely, providing the services that our townspeople need. Are our resources being used wisely and efficiently? Can our infrastructure handle the growth we are seeing now, and hope to see in 10 years? Are our policies and bylaws helping or hindering our residents? Are we destroying or degrading our environment in the long-term, for short-term gain? These are some of the questions Council will need to answer,” said Pond.

“We as a community need to work, and work hard, to keep St. Stephen thriving. Council has and will continue to play a key leadership role in economic development and future planning, but it needs to be a community vision for all of us. We all, as residents and business owners of St. Stephen, need to look at our town and know it is worth our time and effort to make it an even better place to live, work and play,” Pond said. The current Council has established several committees to help with this, including the Tourism Action Committee and the Milltown Heights revitalization committee, and Pond sees their continued work as vital. 

The current Council has also made several important strategic moves downtown - such as land consolidation on King Street and the lease of the train station building - to catalyze development. “This is only the beginning. We have new and existing businesses setting up shop in vacant buildings. We have a fantastic venue in the Garcelon Civic Center. St Stephen is poised to be the model for small town revitalization in Canada. Council’s role is to provide the bylaws, tools and policies that make it easier for us to grow in a responsible way.” Pond said. 


You may contact Abby for further information, or to arrange an interview, at 506.321.1418 or by email at You will also find information about her and her campaign at http://