Eastport Police Department Announces Telecare Program

Eastport Police Department has partnered with Telecare, a free daily call reassurance program offered to area elderly residents living alone.

We recognize that aging is not always graceful, and it certainly isn't easy.  We all want to remain independent for as long as possible.  Knowing that someone will speak with you (or your loved one) every Monday through Friday can be a comforting assurance.

Telecare is absolutely free.  A volunteer will have daily telephone contact with the enrolled member Monday through Friday.  If the volunteer is unable to reach him or her, they will let the police department know and an officer will stop by to see if assistance is needed.

It is our goal to deliver the highest quality progressive services possible to all members of our community.  We believe the Telecare program is an excellent added layer of protection for our residents.  We urge all elderly residents living alone to take advantage of this free service.

Telecare services are provided through Eastport Police Department and Bay City Garage.  For more information, or to enroll in the program, please contact Collen or Pam at Bay City Garage, 853-2736.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Police Chief Dale Earle at 853-4353 or email policechief@eastport-me.gov.