Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Happy Burthday wishes to Justin McCoubrey - February 1, and seasonal residents Amy Rothberg Salamon on the 2nd, and Harold Hansen, the 3rd.  

The lake surface remains frozen in our cove.  Buzzy Seavey and his grandson, Braden, were ice fishing on Sunday.  Buzzy said the ice in the cove is about 8” thick, but he wouldn’t want to venture out into the wide areas of the lake.  Buzzy and Braden spent most of the afternoon setting and checking their spots.  

Meddybemps Selectmen Meeting is February 2, 5:30 p.m. at Meddybemps Community Center.

Many photos from the recent Mid-Atlantic snow storm have been posted on facebook.  The Rothbergs and Salamons had huge amounts at their homes near Bound Brook, NJ. We also received some via e-mail from family members in Pennsylvania. Thirty inches at my nephew’s home in Philadelphia, and at Barry’s grandson’s in Harrisburg.  Perhaps it’s their turn after the past few snowy winters we have experienced in the New England states.  

Seasonal resident, Glenn Ball often sends me articles of interest to Maine residents.  Recently he forwarded one that appeared in The New York Times, regarding towns becoming unorganized territories.  The recent article referred to Cary Plantation, Maine, near the end of Interstate 95.  In summary, even though this town has no schools or police, it has property taxes that keep growing to the point that its rural residents just cannot afford.  The only solution for this one-traffic light town appears to be dissolving the community and joining the Unorganized Territories.  In Cary Plantation, residents voted 64-0 to continue the process of deorganization.  With the big push for the Maine Woods National Park continuing, I just have to wonder, how will the lost private property taxes effect towns that still do have police, schools, etc.. when big industries and lumber companies sell or donate their lands into public domain?  It doesn’t seem to me that Maine towns can survive when they lose further, legitimate commercial tax income. It’s something to think about.

It was disappointing to see our Patriots lose to Denver.  On the other hand, it would be nice for Peyton Manning to finish his long and illustrious career with a Super Bowl win.  May the best team win!

On a personal note, we are remodeling a bathroom. Anyone who is interested in “free” cabinetry, give us a call.


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