Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson

The weather has been seasonably cold this past week, but we missed the big storm that those people south of us received.  It is mean-spirited of me, but we had one of those big storms every week last winter.  Of course, Mainers know how to handle that much snow, but the cities do not even have enough plows.  It is really a good thing they get only one storm every fifty years or so. I am not gloating; we will still get our share of snow.

The community of Woodland was shocked this week to hear of the passing of John Neddeau. John was one of the students I had at Woodland High School and his passing comes way too soon. Our sympathies go out to his mom and dad, his sisters and their families and his children and his many friends.  John’s passing will leave a void in the lives of many.

Welcome to the West Pembroke neighborhood to Tim Rocheleau from Massachusetts.  Tim has come to spend some time with his dad Jim and brother Chris on Route 214. I hope everything works out for all of them.

My visitors last weekend were my niece Linda from Grafton, MA and my niece Donna and her husband Dennis from Jay, ME. They had a chance to spend time with many of our cousins that they rarely see when they are here on vacations.  Linda took her regular trip to Gleason’s Cove and was surprised that there was lots of ice under the snow. She also took a ride around Eastport and came home with a picture of seven deer.  She said they did not seem scared of her and just went about their business.

Speaking of deer, I have seen several deer in the fields while I have been driving back and forth to Calais. I also have seen signs of many deer out and about and one sign of a catastrophic accident for a deer just south of the Carson Road.  The animals are moving on the roads so watch out… for your safety and the safety of the deer.

The main roads are all bare and traveling is easy.  On the back roads the snow has drifted with the high winds and some of the snow has narrowed the roads.  Under the snow there is some ice so a slower rate of speed is advisable.

The People’s United Methodist Church will be having a public supper, the first of 2016, on the first Thursday of February, which will be February 4th. This will be a turkey supper with all of the fixings. 

The Dennysville-Edmunds Congregational Church will be holding its February breakfast on Saturday, February 6th weather permitting.

The First Monday Tea will be held at the Lincoln Memorial Library on February 1st beginning at 4pm weather permitting.

By the time you read this the Dennys River Historical Society will have held its monthly meeting at the Hansom House (the former Lincoln House). The program is on Benedict Arnold of the Revolutionary War Period.  The column will carry more information on this program next week.

Special hellos are going out to several community members this week including Eldon Libby, Madeline Perkins, Rolfe and Ralph Flood who have special birthdays, Eileen Lewis, Paul Phelan, our hometown hero who took a fall and has some other medical problems (his address is in the Baring column) and anyone else who needs a lift.

Do not forget the computer classes at the Baileyville Library on Tuesdays from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m..  Lessons on Facebook and Twitter will be covered.  For more information, call the library.


Stay safe and have a great week.