“The Finest Hours” is a Fine Way to Spend a Couple of Hours

By Kaileigh Deacon

Certain movies can transport you to another time and place and make you forget about what is going on in the real world. Because of this when it’s ninety plus degrees in the summer I tend to watch movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” to help me cool off. “The Finest Hours” takes place off the coast of Massachusetts in February during a blizzard so to go see it on a cold February night in Maine was perhaps foolish following this method because I felt cold after seeing it. 

Based on the true story of a harrowing small boat Coast Guard rescue off the coast of Massachusetts, “The Finest Hours” will have you holding your breath and on the edge of your seat. In 1952  a blizzard hit the coast of Massachusetts catching two oil tankers in it. While the bulk of coast guard personnel are working to rescue one of the ships, they know about a small group in a small ship are sent over a treacherous sand bar to go after the other, the only ones close enough to do it.  

In a break from what most people consider a typical Disney movie, “The Finest Hours” is no cartoon and doesn’t have fun musical numbers that will stick in your head. But like most Disney movies, this one will give you a couple of real life heroes to take home with you. This movie will give you a rush-of-hold-your-breath action but also a large emotional roller coaster ride.

Behind the story of the daring rescue is a story about a relationship that must combat the a rescue that could claim the life of the man she loves while Miriam must figure out what she can do. Behind the harrowing action is a story about love and people. 

Watching this movie I felt like it was well done but as a New Englander I felt like the accents were at times a bit much. I will admit, however, that this could be in part due to the times and how the New England and Massachusetts accent has changed over time. There were also times when it seemed as if the actors fell out of character loosing the accent but these times were very seldom. Despite the accents I think that the actors handled their roles well. 

The story itself is compelling and captivating. While there are times when the story is a bit slow, it is realistic and doesn’t add anything to “vamp” up the story. To watch this movie and know that it is based on actual events makes it even more compelling and hard to watch. 


I would give this movie four out of five stars. The story was well done and the acting was good but at times a bit lacking. This movie is family friendly and can be watched by anyone. I recommend it, however, I suggest not watching it on a very cold night.