Town News

Cassie Oakes

Jessica McCook, daughter of Kathy Hunnewell of Alexander, was in Germany last month for a Real World Mission.  Jessica is a member of the United States Army.  Jessica and her platoon went to Germany to perform LEO Stands (Law Enforcement Operations).  Since Jessica is a Military Police Officer they have two sides to their jobs, the combat side and law enforcement garrison side.  The active duty MPs need time off for training so they can control the area they patrol.  

Jessica was stationed at Ansbach, Germany. Her squad responded to 122 calls, 43 emergencies dispatched, 8,865 kilometers driven and 1,139 security checks.  The calls included traffic stops, traffic accidents, fire alarms, lockouts, arrests for DUI (driving under the influence), among other things.  Jessica worked the swing shift which was from 1300 to 2100 (for us civilians that is 1:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.).  She rode with a partner while on duty and they would work two to three days, 8 hour shifts.  Then they would have two to three days off.  On Jessica’s days off she was able to travel a little bit and visit some sites.  Jessica traveled to Nuremberg four times.  She got to see a cool castle and the Museen der Stadt Nürnberg.  The Museum had a lot of history on the Germany Nazi parties that took place during and before WWII.  Jessica got to take some great pictures and had a great time exploring the country side.  Jessica says it was nice to see the Garrison side of Military Police.  

When not traveling with the army, Jessica is a Patrol Officer for the Indian Township Police Department.  I, along with others, am very proud of Jessica and thankful for her service!  Thank you, Jessica!

Congratulations to Tracy Berry of Alexander for making the Dean’s List this fall at the University of Maine at Augusta.  Tracy is the daughter of Brenda Frost McPhail and the mom to Jaxson, Jakoby and Jordyn.  Tracy deserves lots of credit for all she accomplished this fall. As you can see she is a mom and works full time.

Several of our local Calais High School students have some bragging rights also.  Making the Honor Roll were junior Tianna Bacon, the daughter of Mindy and Arthur Allen of Alexander. Sophomore Haley Donovan made High Honors and is the daughter of Brian and Brenda Donovan of Crawford. Also making Honors was sophomore, Prue Maxwell, daughter of Melissa and Nathan Maxwell.  Did I miss anyone?  

Don’t forget if you are interested in becoming an instructor for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife contact Lenny Hanson of Crawford at 454-8733.  Lenny is also selling raffle tickets for the Maine Sporting Dog Association.  The Raffle is for $500 worth of gas from the station of your choice.  Want more details? Give Lenny a call.

There is still time to get in on the Money Calendar Raffle that will be drawn through the month of March.  Calendars are available from members and local businesses, Randy’s Variety in Alexander and McLeod’s Variety and the Hill Top Diner in Crawford.

I am again collecting birthdays and anniversary’s to publish in this column. If you have birthday or anniversary wishes to share with me let me know.  

Birthday wishes this upcoming week go out to Dylan Lord, Norman Davis, Jeannine Marshall, Austin Niles, Arthur Allen, Paula Johnson, Alyssa Cadett and Joline Thornton.

I would like to send my dad Carl a very Happy Birthday on February 22nd.  I love you and hope you have a great day!

Good thoughts are being sent out to the following folks: Mathew Sullivan, Ed Cislak, Rhoda Leavitt, Lynn Hill, Avis McIntyre, Chris Landry, Carol Pollock, Dottie Johnson, Carol Pollock, Sue Johnson, John Harvey, Eleanor Dean and Trudy Poole. A special wish is being sent to Elwin Daley who is a patient at EMMC in Bangor.  We cannot forget those wonderful caretakers and helpers that sometimes get overlooked in all that they do for their loved ones and those in need.

Lucky Loser the past week at Randy’s Variety was Anne Donahue.   If you would like a chance at being a Lucky Loser, buy an online lottery ticket at Randy’s and if it doesn’t win put it in the jar for a second chance at receiving $5 worth of online tickets.  Drawings are done weekly.

The highlight of my week was when I along with some of my Wizard’s Cooking teammates at FBC made lunch, consisting of shephard’s pie, rolls with butter and crystal light to drink.  It was yummy! Other exciting news was when my dad’s truck broke down.  Luckily it happened right at the store; the drive shaft fell out and neighbors and friends came to the rescue to help him get the truck out of the parking lot and backed into the garage.  Thank you, David Davis, Mike Howell, Gerald Cooper and Joe Manza for your quick action. 


If you have news for the column you can get it to me by email at, contact me on my facebook page, by phone at 454-2344 (if I’m not home please leave a message), or dropping off a note at Randy’s Variety for me and Dad will make sure I get them.  You can also leave news for me at AES.  Of course you always have the option of snail mail, 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, Maine 04694.  Until next time, stay safe.