Baileyville Town Council

By Danielle Smith

The February 8th Baileyville Town Council Meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. with many items on the agenda.

First was the approval of four warrants. Richard Gayton motioned to approve payroll warrant #58 in the amount of $13,489.63; payroll warrant #59 in the amount of $12,354.66; accounts payable warrant #60 in the amount of $34,190.77; and accounts payable warrant #61 in the amount of $18,390.41. David McAlpine seconded the motions and the council unanimously approved the four warrants as written.

Jamie McLaughlin was on hand to provide the Transfer Department and Public Works Department monthly report. McLaughlin stated only one person showed up for the bidding process regarding replacement of lights in the town garage. This person, he said, was from Fairpoint and may have been representing Riverside Electric. 

Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons voiced his concern with the Elected District Attorney's Office. He stated the individual(s) involved in his recent drug bust were released from jail with time served and a $400 fine. Chief Fitzsimmons' frustration was evident as he spoke about the amount of time and resources that went into the arrests only to have the perpetrator "spend a weekend in jail and cost him four hundred bucks that he will make back tomorrow." 

The first reading for "proposed amendment to Baileyville Land Use Ordinance regarding building permit fees" occurred. In the past the council has asked Town Manger Rick Bronson of the possibility of putting a "cap" on building permit fees. Bronson explained the "building permit fees are in ordinance and it seemed like the simple way to do it was to take the building permit fees out of ordinance and put them into the general fee schedule." This will enable the council to make changes or adjustments "without going through the full three-step ordinance procedure." 

David McAlpine motion to accept the proposed amendment to Baileyville Land Use Ordinance-Building Permit Fees and to schedule the second reading for February 22nd at the regular council meeting. Richard Gayton seconded the motion and the council was unanimously in favor.

Town Manager Rick Bronson stated he has scheduled a tentative tour of the new tissue machines for the members of the town council. The council will meet with mill management at the mill headquarters on February 17th.


The next Baileyville Town Council meeting will be held on February 22, 2016 at 5:30 in the Council Chambers of the Baileyville Town Office.