Town News

Sally Doten


Hey, Baby, it’s cold outside!!! Well, at least, it was on Sunday and Monday mornings. Can you believe we are going to have rain on Tuesday? Just enough warmer weather to make us really want spring. Don’t plan on it.....we have had snow in May.

I need to send out get well wishes to Dottie Johnson who is a patient at EMMC in Bangor. Dottie took ill on Thursday and after an evaluation at Calais Regional was transferred to Bangor. I’m afraid there is no “Out and About” this week. Please send her a card; she would enjoy that very much. 

Congratulations to the Baring kids on the honor roll at Calais High and Junior High School. To the parents, be proud of your students!!! Kayli Doten, Katie Erskine, Emily Doten, and Emily Erskine, be proud of yourselves.

Thank you to Gilda McPhee. She came in the other day to give a lemon pie to Jim and me. It was so good. As much as I cook, I cannot make meringue so this treat was very much appreciated.

Sunday evening I looked out the window and there stood six deer helping themselves to my bird feed. They didn’t seem to mind that it was bird food and ate contentedly for a few minutes until a snowmobile scared them away (for awhile). They returned later in the night and decided the feeder was much too high so took it upon themselves to knock it to the ground. Every last seed was eaten. Poor birds!! Enjoy watching them in the yard and at the fruit trees down back. They dig through the snow until they fined green grass, corn cobs, apples, and plums. Tonight the feeder is full again. Let’s see what happens.

I just took the dog out for his last visit to the tree and it’s snowing on this Monday night.


 Stay well. Hope to see you next week.