Friends of the Calais Free Library Two Used Book Outlets


Marilyn Sotirelis, Friends of the Calais Free Library’s treasurer, and other Friends members, help keep the books stocked and tidy in the book sale room (often used as an Art Gallery) in the lower level of the library building.

Any book lover should be sure to check out the two locations the Friends group is using, until there is a Real Home for a bookstore, as there was in the past.  The 401 (c) 3 application is in the hands of the “powers that be.”  When the group is formerly declared a non-profit organization (all proceeds, after costs, going to the library), then grants can be applied for and real progress begin!  Meanwhile, there are two wonderful places to go for Your Reading Pleasure.

First, of course, is the lower-level room at the Library, which has often been used as a gallery for showcasing the areas artistic productions - hats, photos, paintings, to name but a few.  However, for the winter months, the annual “Christmas” book sale has been extended due to the enthusiastic response to its offerings.  In the photo, one can see the major shelf area, but there is more.  Children’s books are, appropriately, in the entry area to the Children’s rooms upstairs in the “old” library. The books are kept tidy and replenished regularly, so check them out regularly.


Likewise, Sheri Doten, owner of ARTEMIS ATTIC at 297 B Main Street, has allowed the Friends’ book truck to be added to the area of used books that Sheri already had at the back left corner of her store.  The Friends keep the books rotating periodically, so, again, keep checking it out for new book treats, and know that you’re also helping out the library with all the marvelous things they have going on there that just can’t be covered by the annual barebones budget.  If you’re not aware of all this amazing little library is accomplishing and providing, go in and check it out!