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Dave McCullough

Beautiful winter days and some of the coldest of the season and wind chills in the subzero ranges … but a silent blessing is the cost of heating fuel.  Reduced  fuel costs for heat and lower gasoline prices certainly have a positive impact on everyone! My Dad always had the adage that “If you did not like the current weather in Maine to just wait a few minutes.”  Good example of this quote is that the forecast for a couple days this week call for warmer weather and rain followed by freezing conditions.

After talking with Brinda at the Pine Tree Store it was good to hear the fine reports that snowmobile riders are saying about the conditions of the Grands Lake trails.  Thanks to all the volunteers that help maintain them!

 Smith General Store has tagged a total of 36 coyotes:   largest male by Earl Smith at 43.82 pounds and largest female by Sandra Pullen at 37.62 pounds. Partridge Meadow Farms has tagged a total of 10 coyotes. The largest male coyote killed by Allan Clark at 46.45 pounds but no females were tagged at Partridge Farms.  Two Rivers Canoe and Tackle has tagged a total of 5 coyotes:  largest male by Keenan Scanlin at 31.1 pounds and the largest female also by Keenan at 26.6 pounds. The Pine Tree Store has tagged 2 coyotes presented by Dave Tobey, one male at 40.02 pounds and one female at 30.00 pounds.  Overall totals are 53 tagged - 34 were males and 19 females, a help for our deer population.

A great cooking opportunity to learn something new, Wild Game Cooking Class: Join Kennebec Valley Community College’s professional Chef Instructor Jessica Reale for an entertaining and informative lesson in wild game cooking. Chef Reale will prepare venison dishes and an IFW Wildlife Biologist will discuss the various cuts of meat and proper handling. Participants will learn tips and techniques that will help them prepare their game. Time will be: February 20, 2016 9am-11am. Location: Averill Building, Room 110, KVCC Harold Alfond Campus in Hinckley. To register, please contact Kim Dubay in the Enrollment Services Center at 207-453-5134.

The Grand Lake Snowmobile Club continues to hold their delicious lunches on Saturdays from 11 to 2. There is always a special hot lunch and tasty desserts. Come see and taste what the great cooks will prepare for this Saturday. (Various cooks participate.) Look forward to more exciting trail news from the Grand Lake Snowmobile Club in the next couple weeks!!

Speaking of food, remember last week’s article on “God’s Pharmacy?” Here are a few more examples: a tomato has 4 chambers and is red.  The heart has 4 chambers and is red also.  All of the research shows tomatoes are loaded with lycopene and are indeed pure heart food and blood food.  Kidney beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys.  Last example is the sweet potato which looks like the pancreas and can balance the glycemic index and diabetes. Unfortunately I still haven’t found out the plus for that  pound of chocolates you received for Valentine’s Day.

Remember to check with your area game warden on the ice conditions of the lakes where you are travelling during this school vacation.  The ice may look great but could still have some dangerous spots.


Your Humble Correspondent: Dave McCullough or 207-839-4205