Town News

Sally Doten



Baring selectmen Alice Olsson (2nd), Dale Olsson (1st), and Mark Hornbrook (3rd).

Big news this past week...Baring held the first of  two town meetings held annually.  The crowd (18 people) unanimously voted to replace all officers as last year. The only change being that Evelyn Noddin agreed to take a 3-year position on the school board.

Alice Olsson, Dale Olsson, and Mark Hornbrook remained as our selectmen.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Clerk Mary McLellan. Sally Doten (me) was appointed as moderator. After the election of the officers and approving their compensation, the meeting adjourned at 6:10. As you can tell there were no objections to the 9 articles on the  warrant.

Dottie Johnson is still a patient at E.M.M.C.  Her hospitalization is reaching the three  week mark.  She informed me during our last conversation that she will be placed into a rehab facility until the antibiotic port is no longer necessary. Dottie has suffered a very serious infection and probably has been sicker than any of us imagined. She is now on the 6th floor and prepping for a transfer. Get well soon, Dottie. We are all wishing you the very best.

Dale and Alice Olsson entertained their grandchildren over February vacation. Benjamin and Lauren Fredette of Gorham spent the week sledding and snowmobiling. I think Grampy and Gramma enjoyed it more than the kids. 

Alicia Marchese, daughter of Mark and Brenda Hornbrook and John Marchese, was the guest of honor at a huge baby shower on Sunday, Feb. 28. The Motor Inn was decorated with forest scenes with birch branches used as center pieces. Alicia received many, many beautiful gifts. Great fun and laughter was shared by all.

Judy Antoniello and I have been enjoying the pools at the civic center in St. Stephen. It is one of the most relaxing ways to spend an afternoon. On Tuesdays you pay a “toonie” to go and enjoy the therapy pool with the jets working the muscles in your body or you can jump into the lap pool and swim. I love it there and would encourage anyone to take advantage of this facility.  Walking around the hockey rink, using the exercise room, swimming or skating are all waiting for you. Every time I go there I wonder why Calais couldn’t do something like this for the community. I realize it’s a big undertaking and expensive but there always seems to be a way to accomplish these things if people want to work and support it.

And that, folks, is all I know from this tiny little spot on the beautiful St. Croix River.  Hope to see you next week.