Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Happy Birthday to Dale Archer on February 29.  This leap year baby sees his “actual birth date” only every four years.  That must be odd, but just makes him more special. 

Congratulations to Erick and Susan (Morken) Olsanski upon the birth of a new grandson.  

Patty Reynolds celebrated granddaughter Hannah’s birthday with her.  

Last weekend visitors to their camps included Mark Reynolds and Charlie Rier.  Mark continues to do interior renovations, and has made the camp better than new.  

The lake has taken on quite a few changing personalities over the past several days.  Before all of the rain, the frozen lake looked more like the surface of the moon with shallow craters, various ridges, frozen swirls and indentations. It has now become an expanse of gray ice with mostly smooth surfaces.  Still not sure if it’s safe in all areas.  The lake’s moanings and groanings and sometimes snapping and cracking sounds indicate the ice continues to go through changes in degrees of frozen-ness.  It has been much more volatile this year than others than I can remember.

It is very quiet here along the lake this time of year.  It only gets really exciting for Scuffy and me when the delivery trucks come down our lane with the things I ordered online -- much to Barry’s chagrin. 


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